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1/26/13 11:30 A

Thanks so much for the instruction. It works well.

-POOKIE- Posts: 11,848
1/26/13 8:09 A

On your food tracker page, scroll to the bottom.

Click the button "Change Nutrition Goals"

it will open a page, click "Add another Nutrient to track"

Select and save which you want to add.

MYDINNERWANDRE SparkPoints: (4,039)
Fitness Minutes: (500)
Posts: 2
1/25/13 11:05 P

I've just started tracking & have found it helpful & illuminating, so much so that I'm curious about some of the other important nutrients: sodium & sugars. How can these be seen on the Nutrient Weekly Progress or on the Meals Nutrient Totals?

Many thanks to Sparkpeople for this thoughtful & expansive website.

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