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3/20/13 1:52 A

I track my fibre intake - I generally need around 42g daily and some times need over 50g (when I am on certain medications.) My Dietitian even prescribed Benefiber to help me reach it because otherwise I suffer terribly :-(

I certainly notice that the days I don't reach it, I am hungrier!


3/19/13 6:35 P

Research also supports your finding.
Fiber is your friend...and helps greatly with the feeling of fullness.

Dietitian Becky

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3/19/13 6:21 P

Hi All,

I've started tracking my fibre intake using SP and making an effort to reach 25-35g per day. I've noticed that it has a massive impact on my hunger and I eat far less calories when I meet my goal. I also tend to eat less the following day too.

What do you track with SP apart from carbs/protein/fat? Do you aim to meet it and does it have an impact on your overall diet?

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