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12/27/13 11:58 A

Glad that you stayed on plan for the most part. I eat low carb, so the fat that you listed was okay for me, but I probably wouldn't be able to eat other part of their dishes. Funny what we think of as healthy.

Still, it is one meal/one day, and not going to do damage in the long run. Hopefully you struck a balance of making them happy by trying their dishes, and sticking as close to your plan as possible, and that's the best you can do.

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12/27/13 10:57 A

I did not stay on plan on Christmas Day. The 2nd Sun in Sept was the last time I had a coke and I attempted one on Wed and my stomach totally revolted. Eating healthy for 3.5 months and then taking a day to enjoy my favorite foods ended up back firing for me. Now trying to get back on track.


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50PLUSBABY Posts: 275
12/26/13 12:49 P

It was a difficult day but I held on to my plan. had some ginger beer not much. Also had a little
dessert pumpkin pie and ice cream all in moderation. God knows I wanted to fill my plate and eat until stuffed but I was not stuffed and felt good going to bed.

Now that this is over time to refocus and do better in the coming year. I need to be celebrating by this time next year. I did not buy any clothes this year and promised myself that by next Christmas non of the clothes I wear should fit, I should have a new wardrobe.

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12/26/13 12:19 A

I'd say you've got it down. Small portions, limited items, LOTS of the healthier things at the meal (turkey/veggies).

And good on you for getting your exercise in today!!

All in all, you've done far better than I.

50PLUSBABY Posts: 275
12/25/13 12:38 P

I have my daughters (4 of them) home for Christmas and each is making a dish or 2. I am looking at the ingredients that they are using, lots of cheese, butter, cream sour cream and I am just trying to plan what I am going to eat without busting my plan and hurting their feelings. I cannot even think of how to track all this but it is only one meal. I will taste their cooking watching portions and load up on veges and the turkey. Already done some cardio and weight training.

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