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You may need to clear your web browser's cache and cookies, close your browser and then plug in your information again and see if anything changes. Also make sure on your Start Page where you change your goals that the dates are current and that your weight is correct. That will be in the pounds lost section of your My Goals and Progress--click the change and make sure your dates match up.

I hope this helps!

Coach Nancy

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I have finally had enough... I have decided that working out as much as I do is not helping me reach my goals... I gave hit a plataue and can't break through ... I did what was recommended and gained inch in my middle this week and 2.5 pounds... I need a break from the wright loss mentality for a while. I still plan to get ex cerise but do not plan on anything strenuous for at least a month. My mind needs a recharge. I sm burnt out. I am trying to change my tracker and it won't change the values... I am imputing what I believe will be my calorie burn per week and it still saying I should be eating what I was recommended when I was more active .... How do I get to change

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