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6/10/13 10:04 A

If you update (and save) either your weight goal page or calories burned goal on your fitness tracker, either of those actions will trigger your nutrition tracker to update with that information. This page has info on how to update your calories burned goal:
and this page has info on updating your weight goal page (mostly you want to make sure everything on there is correct, then click save):

Hope that helps!

Coach Denise

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6/9/13 6:37 P

Is there a way for spark people to recommend the values for calories/carbs/proteins? I had it setup for when I had my weight loss surgery, but now since it has been awhile and I am pretty much maintaining everything by myself with little help from the surgery I am wondering if I am on track for correct eating habits. Primarily I want to see about the carbs and the fat intact and to ensure it is either enough or too much.

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