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2/17/12 10:36 A

Thanks Coach Nancy!! I realized I made the distance error after I sent it. I think I am going to pass on this year's Tough Mudder... but it is DEFINITELY on my list of TO DO's for next year!! We'll start smaller... Warrior Dash it is!!

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2/16/12 6:10 P

Hi BDD923,

Talk with your team. If you aren't running now, I think you may find the Tough Mudder quite difficult. It is actually a 10-12 miler not a 10K (6.2 miles)...I have had friends do this was designed by British Special Forces and running is a part of the course, HOWEVER, check with your team and see if they can tell you if you have to walk part of the course if you can still finish within in the time constraints.

I wish you well with your decision!

Coach Nancy

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2/16/12 4:27 P

So here's the deal...

One of my goals for this year was to run a Warrior Dash (5K) this summer. I do a lot of boot camps and aerobics classes and am in fairly good shape, but I am NOT a runner. I planned to start a C25K program sometime in the spring and prep for it. The idea being that with the obstacles it might be a bit more thrilling to me than just running. (sorry... nothing against you that love to run! I admire you!)

NOW I have friends trying to get me to run a Tough Mudder (10K) in April. It's less of a race, more of a teamwork thing... but I am just not sure I could get ready for it in time? Has anyone done this? Is it more running or walking? Could I do this?

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