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SHEALUNA Posts: 255
3/18/10 12:18 P

BTW, from an independent site I found that fresh halibut is 29 calories per ounce, so you can calculate that way.

SHEALUNA Posts: 255
3/18/10 12:15 P

My guess is that it's 1000 calories for the entire fish. I'd do what Coach Denise said and double check you've entered the number of servings.

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 42,369
3/17/10 8:24 P

I would ask you the same question as KATSMEYOW did. Also, did you enter the number of servings for that recipe and have it calculate that for the nutrition info per serving rather than the entire recipe?

Coach Denise

KATSMEYOW Posts: 146
3/17/10 3:53 P

Are you checking the nutritional values of the foods you are adding before you add them to the recipe? If you know the calorie count for something specific you can always add it to the database first and then add it to your recipe, it takes a little longer but I do it all the time so I know my calorie counts are accurate.

3/17/10 3:23 P

I just entered a recipe that had nothing but oven roasted halibut, rosemary, 1 lemon and a handful of olives, all drizzled with 2 tsp of oil. THe calorie count came back as over 1000 calories due to 800 calories for the halibut and 22 calories for ONE LEMON! That is totally wrong. I'll bet the calorie count for this recipe isn't even 500 calories. This was the 3rd recipe I've entered and now I don't trust it

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