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4/30/14 1:09 P

My initial question is why add the "boot camp" session? You already have an excellent programme although I think your strength training sessions are too long at 60 minutes. Upping the intensity will give you the same quality workout in 30 minutes.

One drawback to the "boot camp" styled workouts according the most current research with which I am familiar is that combining strength and cardio as alternates in the same workout degrades the quality of both. A well constructed strength workout done as a strength exercise only circuit (the original meaning of circuit training by the way) has a built in cardio benefit based on the research on the topic.

GYMRAT54 Posts: 1,799
4/30/14 7:26 A

Thank you so much for your valuable input on this matter, Coach Denise! It's good to have someone like you on staff here at SP to give us direction on issues like this!

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4/29/14 9:41 P

I would recommend the option of where you are allowing at least 1 day of rest before strength training again. Your muscles do need 1-2 days of rest/recovery before working them again. So with what you mentioned, I would say it would be better to do the bootcamp in place of one of the days rather than add to those other days. Otherwise, you will be overworking your muscles and not allowing the proper time for rest/recovery.

Coach Denise

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4/29/14 6:10 P

Got a question I'm hoping you all can help give me some feedback on.

Currently, I do cardio (Zumba) twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays.

I do strength training (total body workouts) on Fridays, Sundays and Tuesdays.

I want to add a circuit training bootcamp to the mix.

Question: Should I do the bootcamp in place of one of the days I do my strength training? Or can I still do my total body workouts three days a week and add one bootcamp class one day a week on Wednesday or Saturday?

My total body workout runs 60 min on the average. The bootcamp runs 45 minutes.

The bootcamp is also a total body workout but it also includes cardio exercises. There are 3 supersets of 4 exercises per superset that include cardio exercises.

My concern is doing strength training on two consecutive days. I heard it's best to do ST every other day. If I do the bootcamp on Wednesday or Saturday, that would mean I'm doing ST on two consecutive days (Tues and Wed) or (Friday and Saturday).

Is it OK to do one bootcamp class AND do my 3 total body workouts, even if it means doing strength training on two consecutive days? Or would it be better to do the bootcamp class in place of one of my total body workouts.

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