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Too much iron?

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4/17/13 1:00 P

It is important to look at your sources of iron to see where they are coming from. Are they coming from iron fortified cereals? Are you taking a supplement that you don't need? Are they all coming from plant sources versus animal sources? Evaluating this information can help you decide what to do and prepare you for talking with your medical provider about it.

Iron is available from foods of both animal (heme iron) and plant (non-heme iron) origin. It is better absorbed from heme iron sources. The best sources of iron include liver and other organ meats, oysters, and black strap molasses. Good food sources include spinach, beans, and peas. Fair sources include lean meats, other shellfish, egg yolks, nuts, dried fruit, other green leafy vegetables, whole grains, poultry, and fish. You need more if the majority of your iron comes from non-heme/plant or grain based sources.

Hope that helps

Coach Tanya

Posts: 32
4/16/13 8:35 P

Hi! I just joined this site and I LOVE it so far! It's really great! But I've realized that I've been taking in too much iron every day. Why is this? Are there certain foods that have a lot of iron I might be eating? And how can I....get less?

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