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ITZ_SUE Posts: 1,380
2/24/09 2:20 P

I like adding 1/2 cup to my lunch salad .. it seems that it stays with me and I don't hungry so soon in the afternoon. I can join the cottage cheese club too!

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2/24/09 1:32 P

I'm with Chrisfly - you just need to remember that cottage cheese has a relatively high sodium content, so you may want to be conscious of what else you're eating on the days that you eat it. Other than that, go for it!


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2/24/09 12:31 P

I don't think you can ever eat too much cottage cheese! I love it!

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2/24/09 5:00 A

I love cottage cheese as well! It's actually gotten to the point where I don't keep it in the apartment anymore because I eat it so quickly. I love adding fruit to it or veggies... mmmm.


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CLIMBERCHICK14 Posts: 11,246
2/24/09 1:18 A

I don't think it's bad at all! In fact I just added it to tomorrow's grocery list!

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LA.VITA.BELLA12 Posts: 159
2/24/09 1:02 A

I should also belong to cottage cheese eaters anonymous because I am a huge fan as well! :) The only thing that I didn't see anyone mention is to be sure to eat fat free cottage cheese, not regular. Those fat calories will add up quickly, so I always make sure I grab the right container. Other than that, eat up and enjoy! I have found it is one of the single most useful foods out there.

Also, be sure to check out the recipes that you can use cottage cheese in - like the cottage cheese pancakes. Sounds kinda gross, but they're amazing and give you protein right off the bat in the morning, which is hard for me to do a lot of times.

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YARBS83 Posts: 51
2/24/09 12:22 A

Thanks you guys, you made me feel a lot better! I swear I had to do a double take when I realized I had THAT much cottage cheese in a day -- but truly it keeps me super full and I love that it helps me get in my protein too!

2/23/09 8:48 A

I've been single handedly keeping the cottage cheese company in business for ages (haha!) and it hasn't killed me yet. :)

As long as you're not lactose intolerant or eating ONLY cottage cheese I doubt its an issue...

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MOGLEWER Posts: 788
2/23/09 8:45 A

So you had 3 proteins in that amount - better than fatty meats. Add lots of veggies or fruits and you have a wonderful meal. I do give myself a week off from it sometimes.

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CHRISFLY Posts: 106
2/23/09 12:09 A

LOL, I am a huge fan of cottage cheese too!!! I eat 1/2 to 1 cup when I have it. Its delicious. I don't think you're eating too much. The only thing to be cautious about is the high sodium content. Watch the sodium and enjoy the cheese. Cheers.

YARBS83 Posts: 51
2/22/09 11:53 P

So I ate 1 3/4 cups of cottage cheese today and I'm sort of worrying if that's too much in a day! I had more than enough calories for it, but it just seems like a lot as the container is near empty now, lol!

It's such an easy snack/meal for me -- I toss some veggies on top and it's really filling, plus I get in a ton of protein from it which I struggle with (32 g/cup).

I'm just wondering if anyone else eats a good amount of cottage cheese a day or if I'm just a weirdo :)

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