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3/22/14 8:47 A

It is true about Vitamin C and kidney stones however it is not a protein. It is water soluble and therefore your body gets rid of excess daily. If you are getting it strictly from foods it is highly unlikely you will consume too much. You would have to consume the equivalent of 20 oranges a day to get to that point. Oranges are one of the most vitamin C dense foods out there. So relax! Fresh fruits and vegetables are the best thing you can do for your body. All the research out there points to the health benefits of eating them and those same health benefits cannot be reproduced in a controlled study through supplements. So eat up on those fruits and veggies!

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3/21/14 11:51 A

I just want to point out that vitamin C overdose isn't entirely harmless. One of the reasons Vitamin C is important is that it changes the way your body uses calcium, but that means that in excess, it can contribute to kidney stones. Also, if you train your body to get rid of the excess and then you suddenly go back to a normal amount, the body might continue getting rid of the same amount and you end up with a deficiency. They call that "rebound scurvy."

But all of those things come from megadoses that you get in supplement form. You're not going to megadose yourself by eating whole foods.

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3/21/14 8:41 A

Vitamin C is a water soluble protein, so whatever you eat in excess, gets excreted through urine.
A vitamin C over dose rarely happens except for the people with predisposing conditions.
200....500mg of Vitamin C is more than enough daily...and you can check with your health provider about that.

SOme natural sources of Vitamin C are.... Red and Green Peppers, Broccoli, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, red potatoes, spinach and sweet potatoes, and kiwifruit

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3/21/14 12:07 A

Too much vitamin C causes pretty severe diarrhea. It happened to me once when I had a cold and in addition to drinking about a liter of orange juice, I used a cold medicine that I didn't realize had it (and it had something like 3000% of the recommend minimum), AND used throat lozenges that each had several times the recommended amount. I learned to pay attention to labels.

But I don't think you're likely to have that reaction just from eating fruits and veggies, as long as you don't add supplements to the mix. If you do, it's a one-time reaction and you'll just know to cut back a little.

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3/20/14 11:58 P

My understanding is that extra vit.C that your body doesn't access is released in your pee. -- For me, if I get too much in terms of fruit all at one time in the summer (and not enough water), I will sometimes get sore gums or mouth.

I personally believe that the RDA is woefully short of what the body can and will use!

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3/20/14 11:33 P

Is consuming too much Vitamin C ok if it isn't from supplements and from food only? Not fortified foods either such as fruits and vegetables - as in I don't consume foods fortified with vitamin C such as some juices. I know the UL is 2,000mg, and I'm not too near that but I love fruits and vegetables so when summer comes I will be consuming more since more of the ones I enjoy are in season. Thank you!

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