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10/16/12 10:20 P

I noticed some gas, which is why I brought up the question. I'm taking beano tablets with lunch (to minimize awkwardness at work), but I'm not sure if it is safe to take with each meal. I also eat spinach, peppers, lettuce tomato and cucumbers, but I'm not sure which can replace the crucifers for adding bulk to meals without adding too many calories.

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10/16/12 7:16 P

That is an appropriate amount of cooked vegetables. Cruciferous vegetables are known to cause gas in some people, so if you notice that you're experiencing flatulence you might want to scale back the cruciferous vegetables and replace some of them with other vegetables.

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10/16/12 5:43 P

I eat most of those daily myself but as I am vegan raw for the most part, I don't cook my veggies. I do season them a lot though. Haven't had any issues with them.

10/16/12 4:25 P

It may not be a bad idea to speak with a dieition. You want to get a lot of variety into your diet and maybe they can help you come up with some other options that won't bother your allergies. Good luck!

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10/16/12 12:50 P

I'm not aware of any, but I'm not an expert. I think that would be right in line with dietary recommendations as far as vegetable servings go. I dislike cruciferous veggies so I always have to force myself to eat them!

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10/16/12 12:37 P

I've been having some issues with food sensitivities, and have modified my diet to avoid symptoms. One result of this is that I find myself basing most meals around cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, kale, cabbage, cauliflower, bok choy, etc.) as they do not trigger any symptoms. I always eat them cooked (having heard that raw crucifers can have a negative effect on thyroid function), but I still wonder if there are any problems with eating 3-4 cups of cooked vegetable every day?

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