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7/18/13 5:31 P

thats the perfect time to exercise!! You will feel much much better!

IOWA51973 Posts: 124
7/18/13 4:10 P

Maybe kickboxing? Seems like there are days it would feel pretty good to hit something´┐Żand not have to go to jail for it! Hope your week gets better! emoticon

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7/18/13 4:01 P

Thanks for the support all. I had already been to the gym that morning and wasn't really in the mindset to go back. Fencing is definitely a skill sport where I have to have at least some control of my emotions and be able to focus enough or I won't get anything out of the practice. I need to figure out a way of harnessing my *mad* better.

Edit: That doesn't cost any money :P

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7/18/13 3:50 P

Yikes! ; // sorry to hear. Maybe use your workout to be a short "escape" from all the madness, refocus your breathing and clear your head on whats the next best options. Good luck to you! ; o

7/18/13 3:42 P


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7/18/13 11:47 A

Sorry you had such a bad day! I can.relate, my Monday was one of those.days too.

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7/18/13 8:35 A

So yesterday was a no-good, very bad day. Went to gym: good. Had to work outside in 100 degree weather: bad. Sunscreen got on my phone and messed with the mike: bad. And all this happened before noon.

When I got back to the office, I found a place that would fix my phone for under a $100 (over $100 and I'm better off buying a replacement on ebay). So that went ok. But then I got into my car (a rental btw, that's a story for another rant) and it threw a change oil notification at me. Well that just was the last straw that brought down the bridge. If the rental office hadn't been closed (I worked from 7 to 630 yesterday, btw), I would have ripped them 3 new holes before I was done and demanded a $50 credit. So I had all this excess mad that I wanted to work off but I knew that had I gone fencing (what I was supposed to do that night) it just would have snowballed in to a hellacious disaster. So I didn't. And I missed my one night a week that I can fence for the 4th week out of the last 6. ANNNND I have to go out in the field again today and Friday. /rant

Thanks for listening.

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