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YEDDY3 Posts: 92
9/11/13 2:29 P

Thank you, very helpful information. I do know I need more calories but I, Mentally, am having a hard time. I already am upping them today-adding healthy foods but more calories then before. I have put in activity level and nutrution. We will see how it goes. Again, thank you.

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9/11/13 12:49 P

1200 calories is only appropriate for sedentary people close to their goal weights. An active athlete in training needs substantially more; I'd even go so far as to say not less than 1500. Depending on how much, you may even need more than that.

What you need to do is enter your information here on Spark, including your activity level (include accurate calorie counts in your fitness settings) and see what range is generated for you.

At your weight, a good goal would be 1/2 to 1 lb a week, max. More than that isn't possible. You're not fat enough! one good guidelines is about 3% of your total remaining weight loss per week. Going by your ticker, that would be around .5 to .75 lbs per week. With training for an athletic event, I would consider dropping that to no more than 1/2 pound so that your calorie deficits are not too large.

Here's how Sparkpeople calculates its ranges:

You said already that you're burning 600-800 calories per day. That's a weekly calorie burn goal of 3,000 to 4,000 per week (assuming a 5 day workout.) That's what you'd put in your calorie goal. What's really important is that weekly weight loss goal; too high of a goal (say ,2 lbs) and your calories will fall into impossible to reach levels, because it can't calculate that properly and will drop you into the minimum safety range of 1200-1550.

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YEDDY3 Posts: 92
9/11/13 11:40 A

I know you're right. I was told, by a nutritionist, a while ago, to eat about 1200 calories to lose weight. This was due to my size and age. I am not sure I know how to figure in the calories burned to then figure out how much I should eat, to still lose weight but get enough.

SUSAN_FOSTER Posts: 1,229
9/11/13 10:32 A

There is no perhaps about it - you are eating too little. Have you calculated your spark range? If not - go do it, and include your calories burned. You have very little to lose and are training hard, so any progress should be slow.

You need to eat more so you don't burn out.

YEDDY3 Posts: 92
9/11/13 9:47 A

training for a sprint triathlon. In 5th week of training (doing 6 wks) and burning anywhere from 500-1000 (Usually in the 600-800 range) daily. Following my 1200 calore diet. Sounds crazy but I don't always reach 1200, and there have been a few days that I just don't count and have eaten Junk. I feel and look leaner, clothes fit looser, but my weight has barely changed. 5 weeks ago I was 132.5/ 34.5 body fat indicator. Today I am 130/ 33 body fat .

I know you have to have more calories, but I don't know how many, or even what I should eat. As many people who want to lose, eating more, especially when I am not hungry, is really scarey but something isn't right here. I have energy, not hungry most of the time but not losing weight is crazy. What should I be doing?

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