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Fixed original link...

I try to watch my fat-soluble vitamins, too (A, D, E, K). Those don't get eliminated if you get more than you need; they can build up. It's a good idea to keep an eye on those.

It sounds like another case of trying to steer away from processed and "fortified" foods. That seems like a good idea anyway!

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Sorry that you were concerned about your vitamin A intake.
This is the article that I often reference when members ask questions.

While your suggestion is a good one; it is currently imposssible to implement. Food companies to not distinguish the different forms of vitamin A so when building the data base this info is not available.

Thanks for your suggestion.
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What do you think you are eating that would cause too much Vit A? Is there something that you are consume in excess that would cause this? Even juicing a dozen carrots wouldn't cause this.

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In addition to tracking my calories, carbs, fat, and protein, I also track a variety of other vitamins and nutrients. I've been troubled to notice that almost every day, I go WAY over the recommended values for Vitamin A. Apparently, too much Vitamin A can cause headaches, vomiting, liver damage, loss of appetite, nerve damage, birth defects, bone and joint pain...and skin peeling off in sheets. Not good. I was really worried!

Fortunately, I found this helpful article
amin-a-too-much.html which explains the different kinds of Vitamin A. You can read the whole thing for more details, but in short, too much Vitamin A from animals is bad, but if you're getting it from vegetables, you'll be fine. There is no tolerable upper intake level for the plant-based type of Vitamin A, called carotenoids (incidentally found primarily in carrots). Basically, if you get too much of that type, the worst thing that will happen is that you'll turn orange.

I hope that's as much of a relief to you as it was to me. Technically, it mentions this in the nutrition feedback, but in my worry about losing my skin, I must have missed it the first time!

Also, I'd like to make a suggestion that the nutrition tracker could separate animal-based (retinol) and plant-based (carotenoid) Vitamin A to make it easier to tell if I actually need to adjust my diet. Does anyone know where I can direct that suggestion and/or others?


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