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8/22/11 11:21 A

Coq au vin

SUNRISE14 Posts: 5,216
8/22/11 8:18 A

I'm doing weight watchers lazana !

The Lord is my strength and i know i can do better with the Lords help. The Lord laid it on my heart to start a team called GOD ANSWERS PRAYER AND I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE ANYBODY THAT WANTS HELP TO LOSE THEIR WEIGHT TO JOIN . I KNOW I CAN'T DO THIS WITHOUT THE LORDS HELP !
8TEEN4VR Posts: 28
8/20/11 6:09 P

brown sugar and mustard pork steak with mashed potatoes and broccoli

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8/20/11 5:45 P

I'm trying Spicy Grilled Chicken Breasts, a recipe. The comments made me decide on this one. I'm sure it will work out...I'm having company, so it better be good!

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JAOTTO SparkPoints: (47,597)
Fitness Minutes: (51,665)
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8/15/11 12:07 P

chicken salad

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8/15/11 7:14 A

I'm gonna fix broiled scallops with sweet lime sauce tonight - an SP recipe. Has anyone else tried it? It looks really good!

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