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4/24/12 2:33 P

I'm thinking a gentle water aerobics class would be a good exercise for you. The water pressure helps with leg edema, and also helps minimize the wear and tear on your joints while you are exercising.

Talk to your doc about specific treatments for the edema and the skin. As the edema goes down, your skin will start looking better. Compression stockings and certain prescription creams might help.

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4/24/12 2:25 P

There's no way to tone skin; whether or not you have lose skin really depends on your individual genetics and age. There's no such thing as a skin exercise!

Likewise, you can't spot reduce any area of the body; you can strength train, and build up the muscles, but there's nothing you can do for your skin. If you get lose skin, the only thing to do with surgery. ;)

However, I am concerned about your medical issues; have you discussed your exercise program with your doctor and gotten clearance to exercise?

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4/24/12 1:25 P

Hi there!! I have suffered from edema in my lower legs for years (although it has gotten significantly worse in the last 2 years or so). However, I am now dropping weight in my calves like hot potatoes! It's great, but I want to make sure I don't have a ton of flab hanging over (creating more issues). I am morbidly obese, so (at this time!) exercise is a bit limited. Is there anything I can do that is fairly simple but very effective to help tone up the skin on my calves?

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