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"I know that to lose weight you need to shed off 500 calories from your diet."

You've misinterpreted some data there.

It's not "from your diet". If you were maintaining your weight, that could work, with no other changes. But if someone were gaining 2lbs a week and shed 500 calories from their diet, they'd still gain a pound a week. You need to drop *some* calories from "what your body needs to maintain your weight". What your diet was before you started trying to lose weight isn't all that relevant.

And anyway, cutting back only 100 calories from what your body needs to maintain your weight, you'd still "lose weight". You'd lose a pound a month, which is not a bad rate! :)

A daily deficit of 500 (from maintenance) is a good place to start. But it's not quite that it has to be that much. :)

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1/31/13 10:39 P

To control my calorie intake, I have decide to divide my meals and have each be the same number of calories. For example breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all 400 calories. I have a sweet tooth and I am only allowing myself to eat at 300 calories of sweets or less. It cannot go more than that. It's been two days that I have been doing this and I absolutely love it! Now that I have started school, I am trying to control my calorie intake and also lose weight. I know that to lose weight you need to shed off 500 calories from your diet. I am only doing half of that by consuming only 1600 calories a day. My original calorie intake is 1500-1930. The past two days, I have been miscounting the calories and I have just realized that I cannot count in my head so I must have a calculator aside me at all times haha
Anyway, I'm doing well and working hard to achieve a slim body and to be ready for the summer. Tomorrow is a new day and I'm going to get it right this time :D
Have a great evening everyone!
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