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TDUFF1954 Posts: 48
3/8/12 8:47 A

Thanks I needed that! Be sure and let us know how you did...

SFREY217 SparkPoints: (124,661)
Fitness Minutes: (98,620)
Posts: 1,578
3/8/12 8:47 A

Keep up the good work, and don't let the number on the scale rule your life. It's all about how you feel. I use the tape measure as a guide, even if the scale does not move the tape measure does. Fat does weigh more than muscle after all.. emoticon emoticon

3/8/12 8:45 A

Like emoticon

HAVERLA SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 2
3/8/12 8:45 A

Yep! "Don't stress about" and "Trust the process" is very great advice especially for the long term. I've been dieting 9 months now, I'm down 80 pounds and have lost inches when the pounds didn't come off the scale. Go figure???
Keep up the good work and good luck!

THEIS58 SparkPoints: (154,728)
Fitness Minutes: (50,315)
Posts: 5,250
3/8/12 8:44 A

not stressed at all

NSTARSMITH Posts: 3,650
3/8/12 8:40 A

Yeah, this post oughta get printed and pasted on everyones' scales so we will remember that it's the process we are committed to that matters! That's what we can control! Our bodies will lose the weight in what ever way they can!

ONMYWAY1949 Posts: 1,911
3/8/12 8:39 A

You REALLY know how to do it right!! You're such an inspiraton!! Thanks for the boost I need. emoticon

JPANNELL0 Posts: 181
3/8/12 8:37 A

Wow! What a great post! Just what I needed to hear. Thanks so much for sharing, and keep up the great work. emoticon

EGRAMMY Posts: 13,491
3/8/12 8:35 A

My blood work is good, so the scale is not so scary

FITNESSJEAN1 SparkPoints: (288)
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Posts: 1
3/8/12 8:34 A

Thank you SO much for sharing some great ideas.
They are sure to help others during their weight loss journey!! Too many times individuals put up that barrier and make the journey so tough. Thanks again!!

3/8/12 8:33 A

I weight in on Tuesdays. I know how you feel. Good luck.

FATGIRLSKINNY2 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 31
3/8/12 8:31 A

Don't allow the scall to trick you into believing you haven't work hard all work to reach your target exercise and nutrition goal. Think positive thoughts each and every day, this will help to keep you motivated. The scale can be your best friend. Never deny yourself treat yourself, but not with food. A new book, massage or a new workout outfit. Get out and show the scale who is boss. "You"

DJSHIP46 SparkPoints: (161,003)
Fitness Minutes: (106,703)
Posts: 8,853
3/8/12 8:29 A


ANIBAS27 Posts: 2
3/8/12 8:26 A

So I read this topic AFTER my weigh-in. lol. I wish I read it before. I was SO worried that all the changes I've been making wasn't going to make a mark on the scale. It did...slightly. But I'm grateful to have read this topic because from now on I'm just going to TRUST THE PROCESS.


ANDRAYAYA Posts: 2,054
3/8/12 8:26 A

emoticon emoticon

SHIRLEY721 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (126,025)
Posts: 15,361
3/8/12 8:22 A

emoticon emoticon

MOLLYSGAN Posts: 481
3/8/12 8:22 A

Take one day at a time, and keep on going, don't let anything stop you, and keep up with the good work.

SESHAW0227 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (7,903)
Posts: 24
3/8/12 8:20 A

Weighed in this morning. Not as much down as last week, but I'm OK with that for the first time EVER in my (very long) dieting history. I have to be. I feel so much better than I have in ages! I'm doing something about why I get myself stuck in sorry-for-me states of mind, and it's thanks to SP and the Sparkers like YOU who go through the same things and remind us all to relax and enjoy the (somethimes "is it worth THIS??) ride! Thank you for your thoughts, and GOOD LUCK :)

MKRUPIAK SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (550)
Posts: 2
3/8/12 8:16 A

Good Luck on Saturday, but remember even if the scale doesn't give you the number you want, what your doing will pay off. There are so many reasons why a scale doesn't move for one or two weeks. Keep going! Instead of the scale, try on those pants or skirt......that's where you'll see the real results!!!
I'm praying for you!!!!!

3/8/12 8:14 A

I love your attitude... I keep trying to adopt it, but fall back often... I hate my scale but love what I think I am doing right. Good luck on NOT freaking out!

SALLY420 Posts: 68
3/8/12 8:10 A

"knowing I did so much right is reward in itself" Wow, that really caught me and what a great, positive thought. I am always looking at what I didn't do right and forget about what I did do right. Thank you for that. You have a great, winning attitude.

HEARTS116 SparkPoints: (143,369)
Fitness Minutes: (4,309)
Posts: 46,589
3/8/12 7:49 A

Great positive thinking! Sending thoughts your way!

MISSMARY3 SparkPoints: (234,164)
Fitness Minutes: (138,314)
Posts: 1,729
3/8/12 7:49 A

What a wonderful attitude! You will be successful, even if the scale doesn't show it. But, keep up the good work and the scale will eventually show it! emoticon

CAREBEARS2078 Posts: 3,358
3/8/12 7:47 A


3/8/12 7:32 A

great attitude!! you have to think positive!! emoticon

MELOSPARKLE SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (72,166)
Posts: 1,903
3/8/12 7:26 A

Awesome job and attitude!

ELLEKTRA Posts: 2,911
3/8/12 7:26 A

Ooooh, here's to you!! I have been maintaining for over a year and I STILL stress out about the stupid scales! That is great advice and I am going to do my best to follow it myself!

Fitness Minutes: (1,215)
Posts: 481
3/8/12 7:26 A

GREAT THINKING!!!!!!!!!!! Trusting the process is hard though eh? But in the end, its what will see us through...

BJBUCC SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (225)
Posts: 1
3/8/12 7:25 A

My favorite thought is "if you earned it, you will get it" - so if the scale doesn't show it this week, it will show it next week

LILORITA Posts: 3,209
3/8/12 7:14 A

That is the spirit. I love your attitude emoticon

CRYSALLIS1 SparkPoints: (73,105)
Fitness Minutes: (32,853)
Posts: 1,824
3/8/12 7:13 A

You got it right. "Trust the Process" is great advise. Great program. emoticon emoticon

JLPARKHURST SparkPoints: (74,456)
Fitness Minutes: (45,253)
Posts: 8,164
3/8/12 6:52 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon

MJG2BFIT Posts: 6
3/8/12 6:43 A

Good Job!! This was very timely for me since I have been in a real slump and part of it was due to not keeping up with tracking and exercise. Although I have been still watching what I eat and trying to make good choices, I have not kept up with recording meals or my exercising and walking. Totally lost all motivation and decided I need to immerse myself in the SparkPeople community reading as much as I can to regain my motivation. Your posting was very helpful, thank you.

MISHA58 Posts: 209
3/8/12 6:42 A

I don't let the scale stress me out, it only makes me gain. I just keep focus on being healthier, and stronger than before.

JACKOTIS1 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (7,027)
Posts: 1
3/8/12 6:20 A

I don't get too stressed anymore about anything. I want to lose weight, get healthier and enjoy what life I have left.
"I'm too old to fight, too tired to run, but I still shoot pretty good."

SUSANK16 Posts: 2,635
3/8/12 6:09 A

I stress about it to especially when I have no weight loss weeks close together. I am learning to think about it as a chance to practice maintenance. I have had weeks where I did everything right and not lost and then weeks where I was not as careful and did lose. Our bodies are all different and we lose at our own rate. The goal is the journey the healthy lifestyle not the number on the scale.

7WORSHIPS Posts: 3,262
3/8/12 6:00 A

emoticon Love your attitude! It's great reminder that the number on the scale is not the reason why we all work hard at developing healthy lifestyles.

LIZAPO Posts: 874
3/8/12 5:23 A

emoticon emoticon

KIM1109 Posts: 9
3/8/12 5:16 A

I think we all hate the dreaded scales. Are you doing measrements too? Sometimes those scales can be disappointing but the good 'ole tape measure tells us a different story. Do tops of arms, tops of legs, calves, under the bust, fullest part of the bust, waist and hips to get the most from your measurements. These show how 'buff' you're getting whilst dropping those pounds and tightening up, which makes you look slimmer too :) emoticon

SHOOPETTE SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (54,048)
Posts: 3,151
3/8/12 5:15 A


2/19/12 9:25 P

I really needed to read this tonight since tomorrow is my weigh-in and I am always nervous to weigh-in! Your attitude is very inspiring and you are having great success -- way to go!!

SNLSUL1092 Posts: 401
2/19/12 9:01 P

Thank you to all of you for your encouragement and your applause. I did fine last week...lost 8/10 of a lb. I had a fleeting moment of "What? Seriously? That's it?", then I moved onto "Dude...that's 3 sticks of butter off your butt". Wahoo! And...drum roll, please...I am in the 220's (barely, but still in them). I have 4 weeks until our San Francisco vacation. Setting the bar low (easier to leap it that way) and aiming to lose 5# in that time.

The BEST reward this week was my very fit, not an ounce of flab anywhere on her body, 16 year old daughter commenting "Mom, your back looks less lumpy and flabby" while I was doing my strengthening on Friday night. Seriously...what a cool kid to notice! And, have I mentioned that I HATE push-ups? I really really really hate push-ups! I had hand surgery in December, and hate them even more since then, but I do them anyway, because I hate back fat more than I hate push-ups! So with my daughter's words ringing in my ears, I did an extra 10 push-ups. Just sayin'...there could be a healthy, fit mama lurking somewhere under here, and I am determined to find her...30 push-ups at a time!

HONESTGRL Posts: 238
2/19/12 1:24 P

You will do great!

KATEM200 Posts: 745
2/19/12 1:08 P

That's the kind of attitude that will help you make a change in lifestyle instead of being "on a diet." And remember that there will be some weeks where you don't do everything perfectly, but eating healthy foods and getting more activity in your life will always pay off.

2/19/12 11:52 A

The scale is such a source of stress to us; I'm so glad you're conquering that!

CLWALDRO Posts: 4,583
2/19/12 7:01 A

I am glad you have overcome the scale stress war. It just makes you more crazy. The advice is good to trust the process and understand that every day is a new opportunity to succeed.
Best wishes on your journey to a healthy lifestyle and trusting the process emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

DISNEYPARIS SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (33,023)
Posts: 1,189
2/18/12 3:09 A

emoticon attitude

LOVEXAVIE SparkPoints: (42,638)
Fitness Minutes: (48,071)
Posts: 2,443
2/17/12 10:01 P

Hi SNLSUL1092.

I love your outlook!!

If God took away all the scales, what would we do? Hopefully we'd all keep on doing the lifestyle thing as opposed to the diet thing. Hopefully we'd do as you're doing and keep on keeping on. We'd be able to tell by the fit & feel of our clothes; how we feel being active, etc.

You had a GREAT WEEK and I applaud your winning attitude. Good for you!!!!!

Sounds like you are succeeding in making this a true lifestyle.

Yay, you!!!


KM1116 SparkPoints: (27,165)
Fitness Minutes: (10,289)
Posts: 635
2/17/12 9:41 P

Amazing attitude! Good luck at your weigh-in tomorrow :)

SNLSUL1092 Posts: 401
2/17/12 9:34 P

I weigh in every Saturday. Every week, I stress out leading up to Saturday. Will I lose? Did I work hard enough? Will the extra half serving of FroYo creep onto the scale? Is this all worth it? This week...not happening! I KNOW I worked hard enough. I tracked EVERY DAY. I exceeded my target minutes by 10 and my target calories by 600! I did my strengthening as scheduled, and did the maximum of each exercise every time, instead of the minimum. I planned meals with my family and we ate at the table every night. If all of this doesn't add up to success on the scale, I'm not going to flip out about it. I know it will catch up to me next week, and knowing I did so much right is a reward in itself. So...this week, I will take SP COACH NANCY'S advice and "Trust the process", which was some of the best advice I have received in my weight loss journey.

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