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8/27/10 12:58 P

Wow I had never heard that about tomato skins. I guess it makes complete sense I had just never thought of it before. I love eating the tomatoe skins.

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8/27/10 12:53 P

123 emoticon

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8/27/10 11:21 A

The previous poster hit the nail on the head! That's what fiber is! Keep in mind that just because something is not digestible does not mean you don't (for the lack of a more polite term) poop it out. I'm with you...I love love love tomatoes, whole, skin-on, with the seeds :-) Yum!

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8/27/10 12:15 A

I'd never heard that before, but it doesn't concern me. We eat lots of non-digestible things on a regular basis! That's really all that fiber is--plant material that our bodies can't absorb any energy from. I eat the entire tomato, too emoticon

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8/27/10 12:13 A

I generally eat tomatoes whole and raw. i love having the seeds in my salad because it gives a little moisture and i think it is tastier then most salad dressings.

I have heard that the skin is nondigestable. huh? i don't have any issues eating them. Besides nost fruits and vegetables have the fiber and nutrients. is there somethin i am not getting?

p.s. for people that want to remove the skin and seeds there is how-to video link below.

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