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QUEEN-EYDIE Posts: 12,473
9/4/13 2:45 P

A better question for me is what do I NOT make with tofu-----I love tofu!

Today I made a beautiful veggie-rich lasagna with tofu "ricotta".

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9/4/13 2:19 P

I buy organic non-GMO soy products. I usually buy the firmest type of tofu. Often I will simply cube it and place it in a bowl then add hot soup (miso or veggie broth). Other times I slice the tofu in 1/2 inch thick slices and place them on a baking sheet, dress the slices with a mix of coarse mustard and honey then drizzle sesame seeds on top and bake them in the oven until the seeds are roasted. The baked tofu is great with a side salad.

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9/3/13 9:02 P

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9/3/13 6:08 P

Yum...never thought it could be fried like that ! Thank you!!

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9/3/13 4:29 P

I make crispy tofu fingers by draining the tofu well, cutting it into strips, then coating them with cornstarch and seasoning (depending on what flavors you like).

Then you pan fry them in a little oil. I've never tried baking them, but I bet it's worth a shot if you prefer not to fry. :)

From there, you can dip them into any sauce you like...peanut sauce, BBQ, buffalo, soy-ginger, etc

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9/3/13 12:49 P

Thank you for the helpful ideas on freezing the tofu.

ALGEBRAGIRL Posts: 1,925
9/3/13 11:16 A

I have tofu in the freezer right now, waiting to be used. One really useful trick for making tofu more versatile and flavorful is to do these things:
Buy the tofu.
Drain it and dry it off with a paper towel.
Slice it or dice it in cubes.
Put the slices or cubes on plates and cover them with paper towels. Put a weight on top of the paper towels to press out some moisture.
Wrap the slices in user-friendly portions and put in freezer.
After the tofu has been frozen, when you want to use some, take out the tofu and thaw. Again, put paper towels on top and weight down to drain some moisture.
Then, use in stir-fries or any other recipe. The tofu absorbs flavors much better after this treatment!

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9/3/13 7:09 A

Thank you! sounds good!

MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
9/3/13 12:56 A

On nights when I just.don't.want to eat meat, I like to brush a block of tofu (cut in half) with olive oil, salt and pepper, and put on my cast iron grill alongside whatever meat my husband is eating (he doesn't really "get" tofu, lol) and serve it in place of meat. I've found I also like it mixed in with pasta along with a little olive oil, chopped tomatoes, avocado, spinach, really any other veggie I have on hand. It adds some filling protein and absorbs the other delicious flavors.

It can be used raw, seared, I haven't really cooked it more than just a few minutes so I don't know about cooking-intensive dishes, but I really enjoy it in the ways I mentioned above.

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9/2/13 9:16 P

Thank you for the input!

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9/2/13 8:40 P

I use it fairly regularly. Today I marinated a block of tofu in soy sauce, ginger, cilantro, sambal oelek, etc. and baked it. I'm eating the marinated tofu along with stir-fried vegetables, brown rice and homemade peanut sauce.

EXOTEC Posts: 3,327
9/2/13 8:35 P

Nope. I only use small amounts of fermented soy. I spend way too much on supplements to eat a product which binds nutrients and makes them unavailable to my body.

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9/2/13 7:14 P

Just wondering if anyone has used it and any recipes that you like?

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