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1/18/12 7:03 P

I cut extra firm tofu into cube then fry them in very little oil, such as sesame or grape, with garlic or together with herbs & spices.

HEMAMALINI100 Posts: 3,099
1/18/12 10:49 A

I like extra firm tofu in general.
I freeze it , let it thaw and squeeze the water out. Then cut it in cubes. It really holds it's shape very well and absorbs any flavor you put it in.
The other way I like is drain it on a paper towel ,smear some soy sauce and either bake it in the oven or grill it in a nonstick skillet until it's firm out side. This makes a good snack too, Just serve it with your choice of dipping sauce.

SEAJESS Posts: 3,826
1/16/12 4:43 P

Silken is amazing in a Korean tofu stew called sundobu soup.

Oh, I love that stuff! I always have it when I treat myself to a day at the Koren women's spa up north. Do you have access to Korean restaurants or groceries where you live? I never liked silken tofu 'til I had it in a steaming bowl of seafood sundobu soup.


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1/16/12 4:31 P

Thanks, ya'll! It was the "silken" firm tofu that I used, and yeah...the extra firm worked MUCH better in miso soup, but next time I try this, I'll steer clear of the silken stuff!

JLHUMMEL13 Posts: 33
1/16/12 11:52 A

You also may not have pressed it enough. If you don't get enough of the liquid out it will sometimes break up during cooking.

Also, if you want firm crispy tofu try cooking the tofu chunks first by themselves in a pan with a little olive oil. Think about it like how you would brown meat and get the outside nice and done before adding it to the rest of the meal to cook the rest of the way through. This way the outside of the tofu is not as tender anymore and will be less likely to break up when stirring the dish.

1/15/12 4:19 P

There are two main kinds of tofu. One is silken, usually sold in small shelf-stable boxes (though sometimes sold in the refrigerated section). The other is much firmer and is usually found in the refrigerated section in larger square/rectangular plastic containers.

Both kinds may say things like "firm" or "extra firm" on the container, but if you see the word "silken" you will probably want to reserve that for creamy items like smoothies.


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1/13/12 7:42 P

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1/12/12 11:59 A

Use "extra firm" tofu for more structural strength.

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1/1/12 9:09 P

I just made the Pad Thai recipe in the Sparkpeople Cookbook and it TASTES lovely!


I cannot keep tofu in those cute little cubes! It fell apart before I'd even gotten it to the pan to fry it and make it crispy...and then nothing got crispy. Therefore, my pad thai did not look NEARLY as appetizing as the picture :P Lots of ooey gooey mess.

I used firm tofu, just like the recipe said to.

Help? Advice?

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