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9/25/13 7:46 P

I have a kitchen scale and some firm tofu, now I just need to figure out what comes next! emoticon I need to look for some good recipes.

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9/22/13 12:46 P

Investing in a kitchen scale may be a good choice for you. I got a a basic one that can convert to oz, g, kilog, from walmart for under $18- best money I spent. I use it about 4 times a day or more. that way you can know what you are cooking and build your recipes using the recipe calculator here on the spark site

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9/19/13 6:07 A

I love your tag line!!!

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8/23/13 5:58 A

Thank you!

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8/21/13 10:15 P

Well, it depends on what kind. Desserts usually use silken, which has fewer calories (more water), but is also heavier (more water again).
Typically it is about 12 oz./package... but if you are using the recipe calculator you should be able to find a listing that says serving size 1/5 package, and estimate how many servings the recipe calls for.
Good luck! Cooking is super fun once you get the hang of it.

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8/15/13 5:36 A

I HATE COOKING!!! emoticon (because I'm not good at it yet emoticon )

Got that out of the way. Now about my dilemma...

emoticon How many ounces are in an average block of tofu? A lot of dessert recipes I want to try say a block or half a block of tofu... but how do you measure an average block of tofu?

Thank you in advance! emoticon

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