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11/27/08 10:55 P

I have had toe surgery so also have this problem but havent found a solution yet.

ANEWHOPE Posts: 83
11/24/08 3:42 P

Start by taking the shoes you are wearing now to a good shoe store. Not the Nike outlet, not Shoe-rama, etc, but to a good shoe store. Show them the sneakers you are wearing now. Let them measure your feet, see how your current shoes are wearing / showing wear from running and let them guide you.

Above all else, don't let this make you stop running!


ANARIE Posts: 13,125
11/24/08 12:37 P

Shoes are always the place to start when you have any pain while running. If you didn't get a professional fitting for your shoes, now's the time to do that. If you did, and the pain started after you'd had the shoes for a while, then either the shoes are wearing out or the fitting wasn't done properly. (My toes are the first thing that hurt when my shoes get too old.) Your description definitely sounds like a shoe problem.

11/24/08 12:22 P

Try better shoes. I had a period where a couple of my toes were going numb while I walked, and changing shoes helped.

OCCULTPIZZA Posts: 3,466
11/24/08 10:08 A

Yeah I got the same thing on my pinky and next toe on my left foot...I have broken my toes so many times they are all nasty and bent, but when I walk my pinky toe makes me want to cry ~chuckles~, but I just keep going. I started loosening up the lower area of my running shoe and it has seemed to help ~smiles~. Somedays are better than others ~smiles~.

LIMONM Posts: 918
11/24/08 12:58 A

I used to run up & down stairs, but it's best to see a doctor & get x-rays of the foot/toes that hurt most. emoticon

11/23/08 10:25 P

I'd try fast paced walking. If your'e determined to run though talk to doctor or see a specialist.

-STINA- Posts: 729
11/23/08 10:08 P

I'm not deeply knowledgeable about running but I do know that with running there are often problems that occur if you do not have the appropriate footwear for your foot. Even if you buy shoes that are designated for running, you have have certain things with your feet specifically. Also, it could be due to not stretching out your leg muscles enough and is giving you some sort of nerve reaction.

I'd suggest maybe seeing a sports-focused podiatrist, foot orthopedic doctor or sports medicine doctor to see if they have suggestions or ideas about what is wrong.

I did a google search on "toe pain running" and saw several where people said their 2nd or 3rd toes hurt horridly while running. So, you may want to look around and see if those have any more specific answers or what other people have done.

KOHERRING Posts: 130
11/23/08 8:49 P

I'm a little concerned by the numbness and pain I'm experiencing in my toes while I run. It's always in the same toes, the 2nd and 3rd toes on my right foot. It usually starts off after about 2 miles of running and subsides as soon as I stop. But yesterday when it was extremely cold already, the pain got excrutiating, but that was definitely the worst it's ever been. This only happens when I run.
Any thoughts or ideas on how concerned I should be or what I can do to prevent this?

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