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11/18/11 7:46 P

If you wish, but you could also just pack the crib away and let him sleep on the crib mattress on the floor until you feel like he's ready to sleep in a regular bed. emoticon

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AHENRY30 Posts: 993
11/17/11 11:13 A

We switched my son to a toddler bed at about a year and he was so excited. We had talked about intially just having him nap in it thinking he might be scared, but he wanted to be in it all the time when we set it up. At first he did fall out of it a couple times near the open part by his feet as he moves around a lot, but he was fine. He loves his "little bed" and I'm so glad we had one for him because going straight to a twin just scared me.

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11/16/11 11:17 A

Never used a toddler bed... went right to a twin.

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11/16/11 9:04 A

We put our daughter in a toddler bed at 13 months. She never climbed or fell out of the crib, but screamed for hours when she was in it. She just didn't want to sleep in it anymore. For awhile we let her sleep on the couch, and since she was doing fine with that, we thought it would be better to go ahead and put her in a toddler bed. We just got a basic frame and used the crib mattress. She would still get up and wander out to the couch to sleep, though. I got to the point that I didn't care where she slept, as long as she slept. Good luck with your little one!

JENNY_BILLOT Posts: 1,634
11/15/11 5:27 P

Guess it is inevitable. My 14 month son fell/climbed out of his crib the other night at 2am after crying for half an hour. Looks like we'll be getting a toddler bed. Any advice?

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