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4/3/13 6:40 A

My son is 3, and my eldest daughter is two. Normally they play wonderfully together, but, as with any siblings, they do fight.

One afternoon after I put them in their room to play so I could catch up on my house cleaning. I turned off the vacuum and heard this loud thumping, it sounded like someone was banging on the door. Once I got closer to the front door, I could hear my son in his room saying no baby over and over. He hasn't gotten out of calling his little sister a baby, so I knew exactly who he was talking to. I rushed into the room and heard my daughter banging on the closet and my son sitting in front of the door so she couldn't get out.
I opened the door and out she tumbled, holding one of my son's favorite toy cars tight and glaring at her big brother. The car was flying at his head before I knew what happened.

And then my husband wonders why the house doesn't looks like the ones on the front of Better Homes and Gardens.

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3/21/13 4:22 P

My son who is now 15 when he was four and going to headstart he was singing in the back seat of the car. Mary had a little man, little man. I told him it was little lamb. He said what did she have a lamb for? a little man makes more sense.

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3/18/13 5:31 P

One of my favourite toddler stories is from my nephew rather than my daughter.

My sister had made tomato soup for dinner one night, grilled cheese sandwiches to dip in the soup. My nephew thought that this was the most incredible thing EVER, so he got up really early the next morning and made mommy some special tomato soup using the ketchup bottle in the fridge and some water. He did a really good job actually and was so quiet that no one heard him. Unfortunately, he dropped the large mixing bowl full of 'soup', dumping all down the front of his pyjamas and all over the kitchen floor. The poor thing was very upset and went back to bed, in tears.

My sister found out about his wee hours cooking when she got up the next morning to red cat paw prints all over the house, a red kitchen floor, and a little blonde haired blue eyed angel sleeping all curled up in his bed, covered head to foot in ketchup soup!

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3/17/13 9:23 P

I've had jello powder all over the living room carpet, baking soda all over the (then) brand new couch, and not once, not twice, but 3 times shampoo and/or bubble bath (whole bottles) all over the hallway carpet. Even using the carpet cleaner results in suds. It takes FOREVER to clean up.

A few months ago i let them both shake the container i was making pancake mix in. My 2 yr old dropped it...and it split. Oh that was a fun one to clean. I couldn't be upset over it though. It was an accident, and they were trying to cook with mommy.

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3/12/13 9:29 A

My son,a few weeks before his third birthday - "Dad, Mom, when I was young.... " that's was as far as he got, we both started laughing at his statement.

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3/5/13 4:51 P

Yes. He's seen a lot of videos of himself when he was younger. He is very fidgety, and always into stuff, even now at 7. AGGRIVATING. He's lucky he is so darn cute.

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3/5/13 3:01 P

Oh my word WHAT A CUTIE!!! I would've had a hard time not laughing my head off .. although ugh what a mess to clean up! Has he seen this video now that he's all "grown up"? :)

GLITTERFAIRY77 Posts: 8,023
3/5/13 2:18 P

This video is about five years old...My son was two ish. OMG. Looking back on these old vids make me want to cry! they grow so fast!

This is TOTALLY my fault. I love how aloof he is about it. Used to ask him "What does mommy say?" He used to shake his finger and say, "No no no no no." cuz he was always getting into stuff.

HE WAS SO LITTLE! *sits on the floor and cries*

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2/28/13 7:59 P

Anyone have any ridiculous stories to share about the crazy things your kids have done?

Here's one:
So, we've been having issues with Maxwell (almost 2) not staying in his new bed. Usually he comes to his door and tries to pry it open with his chubby little fingers. This time we heard some banging so I went in to check on him and he was nowhere to be found. He was in his closet hiding behind his old baby bathtub. The closet door was closed. Seriously, what is up with this kid?!??!

It's hard to be stern with your child when you're trying not to bust up laughing.

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