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11/27/12 11:52 P

Nighttime dryness is a hard thing to achieve. If she has accidents most nights, she is probably not physically ready and a Pull-Up is your best option until she is a little older. I think the average age for nighttime dryness is 4, so if she is still having accidents at night, it is normal.

But I have been given a few tips from friends that you can try out whenever she seems ready to go all night without a diaper/Pull-up. I'll pass them all along because every kid is different and you never know what will work.

1. Try "double sheeting" her bed. Put a waterproof sheet between two fitted sheets and then you just remove the top two sheets if she has an accident. Easy clean up and everyone gets back to sleep fast.

2. Put a potty in her room that she can use during the night if she wakes up needing to pee.

3. Try training pants at night (I really like Fuzzibunz Trickle-Free Trainers) instead of Pull-ups. They will allow her to feel some wetness without making a huge mess of her bed. The wetness should wake her up. Then you can take her to the potty to "finish the job", change the training pants and get back to sleep. Hopefully this will train her to wake up before she feels wet.

4. Put nightlights in the hall and bathroom so that she can get up and go on her own in the middle of the night, but only if you think she can get there and back on her own without trouble.

As for trying to curb daytime accidents, don't get angry (even though this can be HARD because it is so frustrating, especially after a good day). Just calmly remind her that she needs to listen to her body and go pee when she needs to. Then make her help you clean up so that she has to take some responsibility for her mess. Also try to teach her good habits like trying to go to the bathroom before you leave the house, etc.

11/26/12 3:33 P

Each child is different and learns at their own time. I do agree with the night time diapers just until there are no accidents at night. Some children don't master night time until they are much older and the use of pull ups is helpful. Congrats on the potty training! I too have a three year old and I know how difficult it can be to potty train. My eldest, a boy and her were the more difficult of the bunch. My middle child, a girl was potty trained early and never had an accident. emoticon

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11/23/12 4:50 P

My daughter mastered nighttime within 3 weeks of fully trained during the day. She was just shy of 3 years.

My dear son, on the other hand, did not start wearing underpants until almost 4-1/2, and now he is almost 5-1/2 and still wears pull ups at night. He knows it's up to him and his body to decide when he's ready (we've had several tries at it) but he just doesn't wake up. Daytime or any naps (which are few at this age) he's okay, but not at night so far.

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11/13/12 7:00 P

My son has been interested in the toilet for quite some time now (hes only 19 months) so we started to put him on the toilet. He understands how to use it but he just constantly fights it too. Not sure if we should still be trying to put him on it without a diaper or just have him sit on it fully clothed. Whenever he gets mad he pees on the floor. If he goes poo, he will go in one spot and also pee there too. So I think he knows hes supposed to go in the same place but obviously not for sure.

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11/5/12 7:50 A

My son was out of diapers during the day at 2.5 and accident-free by 3. Night time was a different story.

The problem with night time wetting is that it's not something you can "train". Their body has to mature enough to;

a) go long stretches without having to urinate
b) wake them up when they feel the urge

It is something that us parents have little control over. Some children can still have night time accidents up to 12 years old. So for frequent wetters it is best for our sanity and theirs to use pull ups. My son was 4 when we could finally do away with the night time diaper. I waited until he would stay dry for an entire 2 weeks at night, after a few failed previous attempts. He's 4.5 now and although there has still been the very rare accident (maybe 4 since I removed the diaper and most were shortly after we did away with it and one time recently when he was sick) he will wake up to go early in the morning and does before he crawls into bed with us, thankfully! (After a couple of reminders to use the toilet before in climbs in).

My SD was a breeze even though it wasn't until after 3 yrs old that she was out of diapers but she was always really dry at night. She's one of those "over the weekend" kids. Where she was out of diapers completely over a weekend, learned to pee, poop and accident-free at night all at once. My son didn't learn to poop on the potty until 3 yrs, he'd just wait until I put his diaper on for a nap.

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11/5/12 7:20 A

Three is still young. Although my son rarely had day time accidents, He had accidents at night. He wouldn't wake up after the accident. He would be upset in the morning that he was wet. He wore a pull up until he was about 5. Occassionaly still had an accident after that. His sister was the oppostite-rarely had a night accident.

Is she is going to the bathroom before she goes to bed?

If she woke up during the night, would she be scared to go to the bathroom? Is it dark? I used to tell my son if he woke up to wake me up and i would take him potty and tuck him back in. Maybe if she does wake up, she doesn't realize that is her body sending her a signal to go to the bathroom, so she falls back asleep.

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11/1/12 9:10 P

i agree that pull ups are such a helpful tool in potty training.

my son loved reading books about potty training, we got 3 from the library that we went over every night for a month.

break the habit of having her crawl into your bed.

reward her for being a big girl.

WHOAMI9999 Posts: 48
11/1/12 3:15 P

Put her in a pullup during the night. Wait until she is waking up dry in the morning before you switch her to underwear at night.

11/1/12 2:15 P

My daughter is 3 years old and we've really been getting into the swing of potty training, kind of! Some days are really good, she never has an accident during the day. Some days are not so good, it seems like she has nothing but accidents! But she always seems to wet her bed every night.

I know she's only 3 and it takes practice, but she'll wet her bed then come into our bed and wet ours too. I just can't wash our comforters all the time (we have a combo washer/dryer) and I just want to know how to handle this properly without making her feel bad or driving my crazy.

Any practical advice for this mom?

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