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emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon . Best wishes in reaching your goals! emoticon

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3/6/13 7:47 A

Welcome to sparkpeople. I hope the site can help you meet all your goals and encourage you to keep moving forward as it has me! There is so much to do on the site. Remember all good things take time!

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3/4/13 2:54 P


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3/4/13 1:57 P

emoticon emoticon emoticon to Spark People!!


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3/4/13 11:19 A


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3/4/13 11:18 A

Hi all! 2012 was a very difficult year for my husband and myself as he had a mental break last April and was in the hospital for about a month. When they finally got his medication "cocktail" right for him, (it took 3 1/2 months of trial and error), things started improving immensely! He has always been bi-polar and had meds for that and it was under control for years. We had been living in Malaysia for 4 yrs and returned 2 yrs ago and that is when he started having difficulties. LONG story short, have been his care giver for the last year and didn't take care of my myself. He is stable now and even working 20 hrs a week so. . .I've joined Women's Fitness Center and am starting my program today. I was shocked to see that I had gained 20 pounds this last year!! (ugh!!) BUT, I've lost weight before and I KNOW I can do it again especially with having a gr8 site like SparkPeople to keep me accountable and for encouragement. Nice to be joining you here!

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