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4/2/13 3:56 P

to move on and get over leaving my drug addict soulmate husband,home and cats,please pray for me

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4/2/13 11:02 A

try cycling it then- eat 1700 one day, 1400 one day, etc- as long as your average is within your range you'll be fine! i tend to eat at/even above the upper limit of my range on more intense workout days and less otherwise, but sometimes i just have a bigger day!

also, what you eat makes a huge diff! eg my snack of a few cups of sugar snap peas = under 100 cals and keeps me fuller much longer than, say a 100 cal snack pack (though i have those sometimes too!).

i personally find higher protein intake helps me keep full and within my range- for me that's a lot of chicken breast, some tofu, lots of beans, nonfat greek yogurt (plain/flavored), eggs, etc! maybe try increasing your protein and see if that helps?

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4/2/13 9:52 A

Everyone feels like that from time to time. It is okay.

When I feel like this, that is usually when I really try to stick with it all. My workout, my eating, and then I get 1 day in. So I think, well, I did it yesterday, I can do it today! And then I have two days in a row in, and then it keeps my motivation.

For example. There is a PLETHORA of Easter candy in my home right now. I have a near 2 year old (she doesn't really have much) and a 13 year old (Who has more candy than possibly the store right now.) First, all the extra candy I sent with my husband to work. My husband doesn't love it, but those guys at work will chow down. Second, my 13 year old will eat hers. There is just SO MUCH of it. So, she has been going through it and eating it. Not a lot at a time, but she has had friends over and has been sharing it all. So, she put a dent in it. However, I am not exaggerating, and there is a LOT of candy. (I will choose to take this moment to let you know that we didn't buy all of this for her, other family did. We bought some, but not this much) Regardless, chocolate is my addiction. I allowed myself some candy on Easter Sunday. It was fun, I enjoyed it, and then I was done. Yesterday, however, my body wanted MORE CHOCOLATE. I kept seeing it all over the house. So much candy, and I wanted to just eat it all. I didn't touch it. I let my husband know I wanted it, but that I wasn't going to eat it. He laughed with me and then I ignored the candy. Now, today, I will probably want the candy as well! However, I am not going to eat it, because I already made it a day without it. I want my streak to continue! I think part of it all is that I am SO competitive with myself even that I want to WIN!

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4/2/13 9:29 A


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4/2/13 9:24 A

today i don't want to exercise and most difficult i am finding is keeping my diet under 1500 calories........i am feeling like that from last 2 days.......just want some motivation.....Do you guys feel the same some day...if Yes what you do to motivate yourself?


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