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3/16/13 4:30 P

I loved Anne Curry so I only watch the fourth hour of the today show with Hoda and Cathy Lee

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3/16/13 10:48 A

I used to watch but got out of the habit. I listen to NPR in the mornings now.

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CYND59 Posts: 7,691
3/15/13 9:59 P

I have heard of Matt if you are talking of Matt Lowery. But I do not watch the show.

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3/15/13 1:26 P

Don't believe I have ever watched it -- I am gone to work by the time it starts in our area.

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6/29/12 5:10 P

If i'm here in morning I do listen to show while getting ready for the day. I like Ann and didn't realize there was an issue until I heard she had left. Hope she moves on to even better things.

6/29/12 3:56 P

Love Ann Curry. Will think twice before watching now.

Bernie from Durango, CO

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6/27/12 7:05 P

I'm the only one here who's admitted to watching.

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6/27/12 5:55 P

My goodness, seems so many people have extra time in the am ... lucky you all !!
I'm outa the door on my way to work before the show even starts! Am I the only one??

The best rewards are those you have worked hard to obtain.
6/27/12 4:10 P

It's not something I'm really proud of, but I guess I won't change now. My husband is now hooked on NBC, every morning before work.

He is one of Ann Curry's fans, and plans to boycott NBC when she leaves the show.

They've chosen Savannah Guthrie as her replacement.

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6/27/12 3:09 P

Can't say I've been watching!

Keep Sparkin'!

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6/26/12 7:04 P

Ann Curry is being paid to leave. No chemistry with Matt. Hoda Kotb and Natalie Morales are possible replacements. Good Morning America is ahead of Today in the ratings.

Matt was rumored to have had an affair with Natalie. Is that the chemistry we're going to be seeing?

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