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MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,411
12/20/12 8:30 A

I decided that I couldn't hide from life. And I am not going to stay home and hide from rich food, while everyone else goes out and enjoys themselves.

MI-ELLKAYBEE SparkPoints: (228,267)
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Posts: 4,388
12/20/12 2:35 A

Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels. Food is not my friend, it is only fuel.

12/19/12 7:48 P

You wrote, "Focus on the big picture, realize success, and know that a few indulgences will not simply undo all the work, but let us actually live in our world with a new healthy outlook and attitude."

Absolutely right. Well said!

GIGI4AUSTIN SparkPoints: (66,756)
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Posts: 624
12/19/12 1:11 P

You are so right! I need to stop talking about it so much! I needed to hear that! Thanks!

CATMAGNET SparkPoints: (40,431)
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Posts: 1,183
12/19/12 12:32 P

Now that I'm in maintenance mode, I'm still struggling a bit with trying to work with a food plan that I can do long-term, especially factoring for holidays and the like. Being a recovering food addict doesn't help matters, especially when I'm dealing with a lot of emotional stress, because I seem to want to go straight to the food again to cope. Although I did go in that direction for this past weekend, I realized that I could bounce back from it as well and get back on track a lot quicker than I used to.

I know I'm not perfect, but I am trying to do better at not immediately thinking of food when I'm's a lot of years of unlearning I have to do!

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
12/19/12 11:58 A

There's nothing wrong with feeling healthy and fit and thin.
I sometimes struggle with my "old" image, and my old way of eating has a tendency to want to creep back - in certain circumstances.

Like someone previous said - I know the steps. If I overindulge in something; get back at it.
Forget about obsessing. The scale is a tool, like a blood pressure cuff, or whatever - it a gauge of today's version; not cast in stone - it can change (and if i doesn't - I'll just choose to stay healthy, anyway)

YOJULEZ SparkPoints: (15,981)
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Posts: 2,171
12/19/12 10:34 A

Gigi, there's nothing wrong with feeling your best when you're at a healthy weight. But when you start obsessing over it and that's all you think about (and talk about), it starts to not be a good thing. Your husband is probably tired of hearing about it and thinks you look great (which you do). I know my BF gets that glazed over look in his eyes if I start talking about calories etc.

12/19/12 10:30 A

Today I realized dieting is truly not linear. Sometimes I do everything right and I gain a pound. Yesterday I ate peanut butter fudge, salted nuts and caramel corn and had an extra drink, and I lost a pound. This is another reminder not to get too focused on what the scale says from day to day.

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GIGI4AUSTIN SparkPoints: (66,756)
Fitness Minutes: (88,440)
Posts: 624
12/19/12 10:18 A

I have a body image/weight issue. My husband has told me I worry about my weight too much, and he is right. However, I feel my best when I am thin and fit. Is there anything wrong with that?

ELISAJANE57 Posts: 761
12/19/12 10:10 A

I firmly believe that you need to allow yourself some indulgences, just not too many. Sometimes I am guilty of having too many indulgences that I feel are justifiied. I guess I have just been frustrated with my eating this month but yesterday I got myself back on track and am determined to do the same today.

YOJULEZ SparkPoints: (15,981)
Fitness Minutes: (120)
Posts: 2,171
12/19/12 10:06 A

I had a similar epiphany a few weeks ago. I started in January too! I'm below my goal weight, but was still freaking out a in my head if I went over my calories. But, with the barrage of holiday parties, baking, and traveling, I realized I just had to let go a little bit, and just do the best I can while still enjoying myself (and not insulting my future mother in law by refusing to eat her unhealthy food LOL).

I also look at it this way, if I gain weight, I know how to lose it now. It's not a lost cause.

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DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
12/19/12 8:53 A

Good points. It is a lifestyle change. My key is to become healthy.

I also don't function around calories per se. I eat for nutrition. Get the right amounts of protein, iron, etc in your system and wonderful things begin to happen. The world is way too stuck on just the number of calories.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too.

SARBEAR126 Posts: 120
12/19/12 12:54 A

I started changing my habits in January, but only found Spark in September when I realized I needed a tool to help me track and stay within my ranges. I tend to have an all or none personality and am not only at my goal weight, but am the healthiest I have been in my adult life.

Today, with many holiday parties this week, I realized that it really is OK to just indulge sometimes because it truly is a lifestyle and there will be days where more calories are consumed, some with less, some with more exercise and some with less exercise - but looking back over the big picture is the key. So at tonights bowling potluck, I sampled and put it into the tracker the best I could. Guess what - I went way over my 1200-1500 calories, but I don't feel the normal guilt that I would have just a few months ago. I know that I'm living healthy overall. I know I ran 3 miles this morning and will run at least a mile every day this week (thanks to the "runners world" holiday streak - 1 mile/day from Thanskgiving to New Years!)

So - that's my story to share over these next two weeks of parties, potlucks, and holiday celebrations. Focus on the big picture, realize success, and know that a few indulgences will not simply undo all the work, but let us actually live in our world with a new healthy outlook and attitude.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, New You!

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