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9/24/12 10:38 P

Early gains usually are the greatest gains. Not saying I'll be able to go double the distance each week. I'll just do what I can do like I did today. I'm nowhere near being injured. But thanks for your advice. I am aware that I can hurt myself though if I try too much.

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9/24/12 9:32 P

Remember that for safety and your body, even the pros don't add more than 10% distance OR speed each week. You need to take care of yourself! Doubling your distance is a great way to end up in an doctor's office with a major injury! It's fine to keep pushing, but do so safely. IT takes time for your musculoskeletal system to catch up.

THEONERM5 Posts: 92
9/24/12 9:25 P

Thanks coach Nancy. I'm not totally new to running. I'm just not used to running for distances longer than 300 feet or so. I've always walked and ran in short bursts before this. Last week I started trying to run for longer distances. This week I've took it up a notch further and ran twice as much as I did last week. Next week who knows? I am a little excited to see what I can do. Tomorrow I'm going to focus more on my weight training.

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9/24/12 8:06 P


GREAT JOB! Just remember though as a new runner, you want to give yourself a day of rest between runs. This doesn't mean you can't do a nice walk tomorrow, you just need to give your body a chance to make the adaptation to the stress you just put it under. Take care and keep up the awesome job!

Coach Nancy

THEONERM5 Posts: 92
9/24/12 7:51 P

Today I started my cardio workout by running 5 laps around my house. Its built on a hill so I have to run up and down a hill as I go around. It got my heart rate up to about 160 then I walked until it was down to 127. With my legs already a little weak I decided I was going to see how far I could run without stopping. So I ran up and down my gravel driveway which was the flattest ground I could find. I figured that 8 times was half a mile so I ran up and down my driveway 8 times without stopping. It was very tiring but then I did it 2.5 more times with walking in-between to get my heart rate back down to 130 each time. All in all I was out there for 40 minutes walking and running. After I finished I measured that the distance I ran in my driveway was only 200 feet approximately. That means I only ran 0.30 miles each time. It was hard and it was the longest I had ever ran before without stopping. When I saw that it was only 0.3 miles I felt disappointed. Next week I'm going for 0.5 miles 2.5 times. I don't know if I will be able to do it or not but I will be out there trying.

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