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1/7/13 5:41 A

Thank you all soooo much, yes I can do it, we can do it. emoticon

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1/7/13 1:18 A

The reality of life is that it won't be the last time. We all fall down. The important part is getting back up. You can do it!

SIMPLELIFE2 Posts: 707
1/6/13 11:15 P

That is the attitude that will make you the biggest loser -- the good kind. I'm glad the show inspires you, but you have to modify your own expectations. Think of the huge support staff behind each contestant in addition to the daily coaching. The contestant's weekly losses are very unrealistic and may discourage some viewers who don't see the same results from their efforts.

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1/6/13 9:23 P

We all fall off track...just get up and do better tomorrow... wishing I could watch the biggest loser :(... But keep your head high you can do it!!

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1/6/13 9:17 P

Atta girl, Freida!

I've been less than stellar myself. One thing I've learned on Spark, you can't beat yourself up.
And no beatings mean freedom from the, "Well, I've blown it so I might as well eat a giant (fill in the blank)."

You're right: tomorrow's brand new shiny day! Aren't we lucky?!!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

1/6/13 8:06 P

I fell off track today, but I am not going to dwell on it. I did it, it is over and tomorrow, I will be right on track again, bigger and better. My motivation is BIGGEST LOSER which airs in one hour. My emotions were off the wall, today, due to many unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances. But, guess what? I will handle it all tomorrow, it will be fine. And the world will be a happy place for me again.

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