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Today I Choose.....

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Posts: 2,127
8/14/13 11:10 A


SparkPoints: (45,524)
Fitness Minutes: (22,742)
Posts: 1,855
8/14/13 10:52 A

To get it together and stick with the plan !!

SparkPoints: (2,778)
Fitness Minutes: (2,845)
Posts: 407
8/14/13 10:23 A

to stick to my plan

SparkPoints: (12,382)
Fitness Minutes: (5,493)
Posts: 467
8/14/13 5:22 A

to reduce my sugar intake.

SparkPoints: (7,814)
Fitness Minutes: (7,317)
Posts: 43
8/13/13 5:08 P

to focus on eating healthy and getting exercise.

Posts: 5,811
8/13/13 3:41 P be positive!! emoticon

SparkPoints: (52,696)
Fitness Minutes: (15,719)
Posts: 2,086
8/13/13 3:14 P

Today I choose to focus on myself. I do not feel well today so I want to focus on getting better.

SparkPoints: (20,706)
Fitness Minutes: (9,980)
Posts: 265
8/13/13 12:22 P

Today I choose "me". I like to think that every healthy choice I make is for me, and not anyone else. It gives me more determination.

SparkPoints: (14,731)
Fitness Minutes: (2,172)
Posts: 266
8/13/13 12:11 P

Today I choose to be focused with a plan.

SparkPoints: (91,815)
Fitness Minutes: (112,134)
Posts: 4,452
8/13/13 11:31 A

to be happy, positibe, upbeat

Posts: 4,054
8/13/13 11:19 A

to be happy!!

SparkPoints: (2,778)
Fitness Minutes: (2,845)
Posts: 407
8/13/13 10:10 A

I have had many struggles over the past few weeks trying to stay on track while hitting a plateau but today i`ve reached the 20lb mark and today i will choose `Determination` to keep going even in tough times!

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SparkPoints: (10,425)
Fitness Minutes: (19,975)
Posts: 17
8/13/13 10:04 A

Because I believe in the power of affirming words, part of my morning routine involves an exercise I call, "Today I Choose......"

I've cut a sheet of cardstock into four sections and wrote at the top those words and fill in the blank with a word. For example, this morning I wrote courage. So my "word" for the day is courage....."Today I Choose Courage."

I may spend some time defining that word, looking up quotes or sayings about courage and thinking about people I know who exhibit courage in their lives. As the day comes to a close, I post my word on the bulletin board in my office and have allowed them to collect over time with the quotes, etc., included.

It's always amazing to me how appropriate that word becomes throughout my day and how many times I reference it. My adult daughter has also taken to selecting her word for the day and the stories she has shared from this meaningful moment in her morning have also inspired me.

Regardless of our circumstances or the difficulties we may face, we all have the power of choice....we choose our attitude, we choose our direction and we choose how to care for ourselves.

Today, what do you choose?

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