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DISNEYDEB1 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (746)
Posts: 65
1/24/12 1:21 P

no matter what the deal is, i can always do better.

MAZZYR Posts: 9,072
1/24/12 10:08 A

I can create new habits that lead me to my goals.

LEEHAME64 Posts: 122
1/23/12 7:45 A

do what I say I'm going to do.
Thank you so much for posting this one.

AJDLCLD Posts: 25
1/23/12 6:57 A

i think i can .... i think i can....... i think i can

MAZZYR Posts: 9,072
1/23/12 6:41 A

I can get back on track NOW!

MAZZYR Posts: 9,072
1/22/12 2:20 P

I can plan and monitor what I eat.

MAZZYR Posts: 9,072
1/19/12 12:34 P

I can take the time to prepare a delicious low calorie lunch for myself.

MAZZYR Posts: 9,072
1/18/12 7:23 A

Today I'm reminding myself I can make myself fit because I'm not willing to prepare for an early death. Lol, how's that for motivation?

SHINITA01 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,310)
Posts: 549
1/17/12 3:18 P

Reach my goal weight of 135lbs by the end of the summer!!! emoticon

DRKYASHI Posts: 1,693
1/17/12 2:34 P

enhance my lifestyle with yoga emoticon .

DISNEYDEB1 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (746)
Posts: 65
1/17/12 2:24 P

That is a great attitude!!!!!!!!! YOu go girl!

LADYSHEL SparkPoints: (14,781)
Fitness Minutes: (10,998)
Posts: 152
1/17/12 2:14 P

Loose this damn 30 pounds if I put my mind to it and stay committed.

DISNEYDEB1 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (746)
Posts: 65
1/17/12 11:36 A

Good for you!!!!! Make it that way everyday!

LOVELAKEISHA SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,428)
Posts: 47
1/17/12 11:31 A

take two steps forward or two steps back

1BEAUTYGURU SparkPoints: (5,299)
Fitness Minutes: (2,465)
Posts: 309
1/17/12 11:08 A

choose to fail or choose to succeed.

MAZZYR Posts: 9,072
1/17/12 10:02 A

I can make mindful choices.

LIGNSS SparkPoints: (9,360)
Fitness Minutes: (6,326)
Posts: 106
1/16/12 12:39 P

...still do this after blowing it.

DRKYASHI Posts: 1,693
1/16/12 12:36 P

make choices for a healthier lifestyle. emoticon

NICK3RD Posts: 6,595
1/16/12 11:19 A


MAZZYR Posts: 9,072
1/16/12 7:36 A

I can plan ahead and cycle calorie range.

ALISKYE SparkPoints: (40,857)
Fitness Minutes: (98,681)
Posts: 1,416
1/15/12 7:34 P

Today I can continue to work on good habits.

MAZZYR Posts: 9,072
1/15/12 7:00 P

I can think about what I eat before I eat, and I can eat mindfully.

1/15/12 2:17 P

Today I can continue to work toward a healthy lifestyle.

FILLANGES Posts: 2,883
1/15/12 1:34 P

Today and everyday, I CAN DO ALL THINGS through Christ(and that same Anointing) which gives me strength!

BLONDIE_182_182 Posts: 130
1/15/12 11:28 A

Today I'm reminding myself that I can lose the last 10-15 pounds with consistency and hard work.

MARITIMER3 SparkPoints: (166,552)
Fitness Minutes: (87,161)
Posts: 8,701
1/15/12 11:22 A

Today I'm reminding myself that I CAN put yesterday's bad day behind me. Today is a new day.

KAPRIAHLYNN SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (4,448)
Posts: 53
1/15/12 11:09 A

that I can hike further today than a week ago.

MAZZYR Posts: 9,072
1/15/12 10:30 A

Today I'm learning to focus on what I can eat.

LOSTLIME SparkPoints: (74,331)
Fitness Minutes: (21,430)
Posts: 19,221
1/13/12 11:12 P

Today I'm reminding myself that I can keep working on my goals.

MAZZYR Posts: 9,072
1/13/12 6:18 P

Today I'm reminding myself that I can make healthy lifestyle choices.

MAZZYR Posts: 9,072
1/11/12 11:54 A

I can take an early morning walk.

GARDENPEACH SparkPoints: (22,193)
Fitness Minutes: (17,957)
Posts: 552
1/10/12 6:32 P

I can take better care of my body.

MAZZYR Posts: 9,072
1/10/12 3:09 P

I can plan and track what I eat and eat mindfully.

MAZZYR Posts: 9,072
1/9/12 2:02 P

I can plan ahead and make healthy choices.

1/8/12 5:18 P

Only have one chocolate and not have to eat the whole box.

1/8/12 5:08 P

Become health-conscious about all things in my life again.

TEJANABENA SparkPoints: (9,717)
Fitness Minutes: (10,075)
Posts: 18
1/8/12 3:51 P

be successful in changing my lifestyle! I am not the sum of my family history! :)

MAZZYR Posts: 9,072
1/8/12 3:28 P

I can enjoy my meals, eat mindfully, and make healthy choices.

MEMEME75 Posts: 658
1/7/12 10:03 A

achieve anything I put my mind to.

MAZZYR Posts: 9,072
1/7/12 9:34 A

I can plan ahead, monitor what I eat and leave extra calories for dinner out.

YANSKA Posts: 1,716
1/5/12 4:54 A

I CAN turn things around and get back on track. I CAN picture myself at my goal weight and work to attain it.

Thank you!

SLIMTHICK2 SparkPoints: (88,473)
Fitness Minutes: (52,025)
Posts: 7,288
1/5/12 4:33 A

I can do all things through

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

MAZZYR Posts: 9,072
1/4/12 5:54 P

I can plan ahead and eat mindfully.

CHUBBYSELF SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (10,147)
Posts: 773
1/3/12 9:12 A

get down to a healthy weight. It doesn't matter how many set backs I have as long as I am persistent in my goal.

MAZZYR Posts: 9,072
1/3/12 8:52 A

Good morning everyone.

Today I'm reminding myself that I can get back on track... at any point without shame.

MARITIMER3 SparkPoints: (166,552)
Fitness Minutes: (87,161)
Posts: 8,701
1/2/12 3:38 P

Me too. I've spent several hours going through my blogs, re-doing my goals, and re-reading some motivational articles. I really messed up at Christmas and the scale shows it, but I'm back as of today. Good luck.

MAZZYR Posts: 9,072
1/2/12 3:32 P

Thanks Nancy.

Today I'm reminding myself that I can continue to eat mindfully, drink more water and take an early morning walk.

CAVEPRINCESS65 SparkPoints: (71,521)
Fitness Minutes: (60,580)
Posts: 15,628
12/31/11 7:33 P

do anything I set my mind to do

SP_COACH_NANCY SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (112,042)
Posts: 46,222
12/31/11 2:41 P

I love this Mazzy! You are so right!!!

Coach Nancy

MAZZYR Posts: 9,072
12/31/11 7:15 A

Today I'm reminding myself that I CAN continue to make lifestyle changes.

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