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Today I'm giving myself credit for...

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Posts: 10,275
3/28/12 4:19 P

Drinking lots of water.......

SparkPoints: (855)
Fitness Minutes: (750)
Posts: 33
3/28/12 4:17 P

I ran for more than I walked today!

SparkPoints: (3,778)
Fitness Minutes: (1,765)
Posts: 88
3/28/12 3:41 P

Drinking tea instead of giving in to my huge craving for a Diet Coke, which I am trying to cut way back on!

Posts: 236
3/28/12 1:48 P

Making time for a walk this morning - that's 3 days in a row now.
Also getting back on Sparkpeople - tracking my food and fitness and even blogging.

Posts: 3,026
3/28/12 6:04 A

staying on track

Posts: 231
3/27/12 11:08 P

Today I'm giving myself credit for...
1. Making positive food choices today and cooking a healthy dinner for my family to enjoy.
2. Taking a short walks throughout the day to get in a total of 60 minutes of walking for the day.
3. For encouraging my teenage son to join the track team and eat healthy meals.
4. For unpacking 4 boxes of things from our recent move and donating three box of items to our local thrift store that supports several health clinics in town.
5. For getting the kitchen organized.

SparkPoints: (74,205)
Fitness Minutes: (52,094)
Posts: 4,372
3/27/12 10:42 P

accepting my challenges & changes positively

Posts: 1,609
3/27/12 10:11 P

making amazing lifestyle changes I will love!

Posts: 535
3/27/12 10:28 A

Going to work even though I had a migraine this morning so I can stick to my gym and nightly routine without feeling guilty for skipping my main priority.

Posts: 3,650
3/27/12 10:04 A

After a day and a half of eating too too much, today I am giving myself credit for being determined to smooth out the appetite and tough out the urges and then blog about the struggle cuz this process and my goals are WORTH IT!

SparkPoints: (473)
Fitness Minutes: (345)
Posts: 3
3/27/12 9:56 A

getting back to tracking.

This thread is just what I needed today. emoticon

Posts: 675
3/27/12 7:10 A

Starting!! and having breakfast

2 egg whites and a boco burger!! with peppperment tea

Posts: 3,026
3/27/12 7:02 A

staying on track

Posts: 11
3/26/12 8:02 P

Today I'm giving myself credit for eating salad for lunch instead of poutine!

Posts: 492
3/26/12 7:01 P

Running this morning and not eating the entire bag of mini marshmallows in the pantry.

SparkPoints: (5,077)
Fitness Minutes: (2,478)
Posts: 93
3/26/12 6:35 P

Going to the grocery store and not buying alcohol! :)

Posts: 1,452
3/26/12 6:34 P

getting out to do my c25k program

SparkPoints: (2,963)
Fitness Minutes: (5,484)
Posts: 3
3/26/12 5:55 P

A tough week! Tomorrow's weigh in might be tough after a three birthday parties week...but I logged my food every day, stayed under my calorie allotment five days and did four work outs. I'll be so happy when this week is behind me!

Posts: 231
3/26/12 5:54 P

Today I'm giving myself credit for...
Making positive choices for breakfast and lunch.
Parking three buidings away from the enterance of my son's school in order to work in a time to walk this afternoon with the bonus of being able to talk with my son about his day on the way back to the car.

Posts: 12
3/26/12 5:30 P

For not drinking diet coke for one week...I am going to kick this habit!

SparkPoints: (114,315)
Fitness Minutes: (65,219)
Posts: 6,097
3/26/12 5:07 P

Still being here... still logging on each day... still exercising several times a week... not quitting in spite of frustration.

SparkPoints: (12,661)
Fitness Minutes: (5,077)
Posts: 134
3/26/12 4:39 P

Coming back to SparkPeople. It's been a lot of months since I was last here, but it always works when I do it. If I tell others I'm here, I'm hoping it'll hold me to staying and getting back into the groove. Good to see you all!

Posts: 292
3/26/12 3:39 P

Getting back on track. Was not logging food last few weeks.

Posts: 885
3/26/12 3:21 P

finishing another 5K while pushing my double jogger and two daughters

SparkPoints: (6,906)
Fitness Minutes: (2,946)
Posts: 21
3/26/12 3:08 P

I love the title of this message board today, its exactly what I needed to read. i weighed myself this morning and saw a 2 pound gain and i was so mad until i got real with myself. I need to make some adjustments! So today I`m giving myself credit for exercising faithfully and being smoke free for close to 5 months now. emoticon

Edited by: GETLOST40 at: 3/26/2012 (15:10)

SparkPoints: (1,459)
Fitness Minutes: (905)
Posts: 131
3/26/12 1:55 P

...having tracked foods for four weeks and not given up yet!!

Posts: 1,257
3/24/12 5:55 A

not losing weight on the scales but definitely noticing emoticon woohoo!

Posts: 8,898
3/24/12 5:35 A

Today I'm giving myself credit for facing the scale, accepting what is and just getting back on track NOW.

Posts: 2,639
3/23/12 10:10 A

Allowing myself to take it easy this evening.

SparkPoints: (1,459)
Fitness Minutes: (905)
Posts: 131
3/23/12 1:54 A

...pushing myself and getting a great run in this morning, and going to tap dancing class as scheduled, even though I was very tired.

I will not get down on myself for doing less than stellar with foods today, since I made a very good effort at exercise. The important part is I am not giving up.

SparkPoints: (21,517)
Fitness Minutes: (24,592)
Posts: 861
3/22/12 4:16 P

Leading the group in Zumba Kinect, though I was shy

Posts: 179
3/22/12 2:07 P

Going to my spin class last night even though I was tired and I just wanted to join my roommates who were sitting on the couch eating snack food and watching tv.

SparkPoints: (5,523)
Fitness Minutes: (4,865)
Posts: 110
3/22/12 1:15 P

Doing my 30 minutes of cardio!

SparkPoints: (6,123)
Fitness Minutes: (5,204)
Posts: 65
3/22/12 1:09 P

Good for you! I am a snooze addict. If I can't hit snooze, I will say to John, just give me 10 more minutes!

SparkPoints: (120)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 12
3/22/12 1:07 P

Today I'm giving myself credit for getting up without hitting the snooze button.

SparkPoints: (6,123)
Fitness Minutes: (5,204)
Posts: 65
3/22/12 12:51 P

Today I take credit for getting up and still walking even though I still struggle to want to do it. None the less I do it every day. I am true to my goals and I feel healthy!

Posts: 6,339
3/22/12 11:28 A

Today I am giving myself credit for staying true to my goals and not giving up on myself.

Posts: 394
3/22/12 11:02 A

...being healthy, staying positive, and getting my big butt to the gym! The last of which remains to be seen...but I'm giving myself credit for it an effort to stay positive!

Posts: 6
3/22/12 9:13 A

Making a vegan crockpot meal with tons of veggies! So excited to eat it when I get home from work :)

Posts: 8,898
3/22/12 8:23 A

Today I'm giving myself credit for getting back on track, planning breakfast ahead a d taking an early morning walk.

SparkPoints: (11,144)
Fitness Minutes: (9,760)
Posts: 337
3/21/12 2:12 P

Drove through the McDonalds Drive through for someone else and never bought a thing!

SparkPoints: (798)
Fitness Minutes: (869)
Posts: 18
3/21/12 12:25 P

Today I give myself credit for still doing my exercise videos with my 9 month old son crawling up me, I also give myself credit for drinking water when all I want is an ice cold Dr Pepper.
I also give all of you credit today for achieving your goals! emoticon

SparkPoints: (1,662)
Fitness Minutes: (1,215)
Posts: 44
3/21/12 11:31 A

Today I am giving myself credit for ......

Not grabbing a diet coke from the fridge and filled the water bottle up instead emoticon

SparkPoints: (24,873)
Fitness Minutes: (13,867)
Posts: 1,062
3/21/12 11:16 A

Being able to say "no" and getting my workout(s) in as scheduled!

Posts: 8,898
3/20/12 4:46 P

Today I'm giving myself credit for planning ahead and for taking an early morning walk.

SparkPoints: (6,437)
Fitness Minutes: (3,589)
Posts: 105
3/19/12 8:14 A

Today I'm giving myself credit for...

Staying after class three hours later for a review session

SparkPoints: (18,499)
Fitness Minutes: (3,740)
Posts: 1,690
3/19/12 8:11 A

..working out as planned. emoticon

Posts: 8,898
3/19/12 7:58 A

Nstarsmith, WTG!

Today I'm giving myself credit for...

Getting back on track this morning and getting ready to take an early morning walk.

Posts: 3,650
3/18/12 9:26 A

Yeah, that's a lot!
Today I'm giving myself credit for facing down bad attitude and talking myself back UP over and over cuz I am worth it.
I am also giving myself credit for working on reducing the dang impatience! Go US!

Posts: 8,898
3/18/12 6:14 A

Today I'm giving myself credit for...

All the healthy choices I made yesterday.
Planning ahead and monitoring what I ate.
Taking an early morning walk.
Making a conscious effort to drink more water.

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