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SATTVA Posts: 856
7/16/13 1:56 A

I weigh in at particular intervals, and otherwise don't worry about it too much. I do take measurements, including body fat.

IOWA51973 Posts: 124
7/15/13 11:54 P

I have a question about weighing oneself while trying to lose weight�..
To me this is about the worst motivator in the world because if I think I am losing more weight than I am, then I am very disappointed in myself. If I am losing weight, I am happy for about 2 seconds and then say now let's lose more. I am going by how my clothes fit and how much energy I have now instead of weighing myself. In fact, I sold my scale at a garage sale for my daughter's Girl Scout troop a few years ago. I hate scales! Is not weighing myself okay? I weigh in at the doctor's once a year and that is it at this point�..Just wondering what others think about this.

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