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3/26/14 10:47 A

sorry I replied to the wrong person! I didn't realize most of your family is over seas. magnets would get pricey! Send a letter and tell them to tape it on the fridge! :P

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3/26/14 10:45 A

our save the dates are on magnets since most people throw away/loose paper or delete/forget about emails. I loved the way they turned out as well! We still have to send them off.. (i need to get addresses!)

MAGTASTIC103 Posts: 560
3/6/14 11:23 A

Is there someone in the US (bridesmaid, family member, etc.) that could mail save the dates for you? That would save you in the postage department, but obviously it will cost some money to order them. If you really want to do Save the Dates, see if you can find someone you trust with the task and have them shipped to their home and pay them for the postage or any other incidentals.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 15,222
3/5/14 9:33 P

I think that save the dates would be a good idea. And you can put your website on there. I don't know about yours, but half of my family doesn't do computers.

3/4/14 5:26 A

I need your opinion, please! My wedding is this November and I have a lot of family coming from abroad and basically from the other side of the country. The problem is I am living out of the country with no family or friends over here (yet!). So, I just created a website with all the information and sent it to everyone, so I wouldn't have to pay the extra postage to send it from here, but now everyone is constantly sending emails and asking questions on whatsapp without remembering about the website. Should I gently remind them about the website, which has all the information? Would some of the confusion be set aside if there had been save the dates sent? I have the invitations ready to go, but I wasn't planning to send them out until June when I have more things locked down and am back in the states. I'm not sure what to do.

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