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To talk to my trainer or not...

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1/23/13 1:29 P

I would talk to your trainer....I do know it could help.......or. I take weight lifting classes and I talked to one of my trainers about pushing me harder as I like that. He told me that I was doing just fine........He wasn't willing to push me any. So I do know that I have to push myself to get where I need to be. So maybe you and your trainer can figure something out. Or just push yourself..........

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1/23/13 3:57 A

Interesting. In my experience this is the reason all classes eventually fail. i.e you grow out of them. Trainers invariably make money out of new people - or charge a lot for one to one sessions.

Obviously talk to your trainer but you might prepare yourself to move on. Take control of your own exercise (its cheaper!) . Always make sure you track intensity (with a view to gradual increase of intensity over time). Or find a class.. any class - which you enjoy and pushes you...

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1/23/13 3:29 A

This is what happens when there is a group. Ideally you'd probably do better if you were with the trainer one-on-one. Could you meet with her half as often but alone? That might end up better for you. Cost would probably be around the same but you would get a really good workout and then you could replicate it for yourself on the day that she's not there. Otherwise, can you rearrange your schedule? The trainer is in a rough spot because she can't in good conscience push the newbies at your level, and small group training sessions are meant to be all more or less at the same level. Otherwise, she's doing multiple individual training sessions at the same time but getting paid the much reduced group rate.

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1/23/13 2:09 A

You should talk to your trainer if you are not happy with your currrent routine. Your trainer has seen you in the previous group setting and must already be familiar with your level. Maybe she can adjust the intensity/weights for you??

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1/23/13 1:29 A

Definitely talk to your trainer!!! Don't hesitate to do that. You will find a solution to this together. Good luck!

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1/23/13 12:38 A


I am seeking some advice so all suggestions and recommendations welcome!

I have been working out with my trainer since mid October and am so thankful for all she has helped me accomplish so far. To save money I train in a small group class 2-4 people (my self included). Due to events outside of my control the group dynamics have drastically changed. The women I used to work out with in these groups have different schedules and I am now working out with newer clients. I miss being in this more intense group because it was so motivating to see my goals literally right in front of me and encouraging when I was keeping and later pushing pace. The women I am working out with now are just starting their fitness journeys. I know that was me three months ago and am trying to be patient.
The downside for me is that I feel like I am no longer getting in really good workouts because the pacing and excerise choices are so different than when I was with a more intense group. I have been trying to really push for my personal best in times or complete more reps while waiting on my counterparts to meet a set number. I don't know if it is my place to share my concerns with my trainer or if I need to be patient as these new clients are getting started. I don't want to be rude to my trainer who is trying to accommodate everyone. However, I was sweatier in my own 20 min warm up tonight than in my 45 min training session.
I am worried that I won't keep making gains at the same pace now that I am in a group moving and lifting at a very beginning level.
Thanks so much in advance for any suggestions or reassurance!

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