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2/13/14 9:04 P

today wait

2/13/14 10:55 A

Can you try those short walking videos at home. I had terrible sciatica and it really did help to walk. Make sure you do warm up and stretch afterwards. It hasn't come back either.

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2/12/14 12:12 P

check with Dr. or even get referred to a good physical therapist, to know more on what would be recommended exercises for you. my first one was not as good, but the second was SO much better.

I also found that I need to wear the "walk fit" orthotics in my shoes or even slippers as often as possible. If my lower back and sciatica even start to twinge I know I haven't been wearing them enough.


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2/12/14 6:32 A

I would talk to your doctor before starting any kind of exercise program to see what they recommend and how you should ease back into activity (both with walking and strength training.) If they say it's fine to start walking now, then I would start very slowly and see how things go. If they say to wait, then you'll still want to start back slowly instead of "increasing walking distance quickly". Even if the pain is totally gone, you risk re-injury if you try to ramp up your activity level too quickly.

Typically when someone has sciatica, total rest from activity isn't recommended. So as soon as they are able to resume activity, gentle exercises (like stretching, walking, etc.) can help treat the problem. But again, everyone is different, and you should go with what your doctor recommends.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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2/12/14 1:38 A

Over the past eight weeks, while 40 pounds I have not been able to excise due to my lower back & sciatic nerve pain in the hip area. I have not been able to walk with out limping due to the sciatic nerve in the hip area. After weekly chiropractic treatments along with the 40 pounds lost my back has felt considerably better just these past few days and am anxious to get going on the treadmill.

My goal is to "get walking at least a mile with no discomfort" from back related problems by March 7th, when I leave on a long road trip. I have considered two options.

A- Hold off another two or three weeks, allow myself to heal further while loosing another 6-10 pounds. Then hit the treadmill, increase walking distance quickly the last 10 days.


B- Start walking gradually now, greater risk of setback if back or sciatic nerve is not fully healed, gradually work up speed on treadmill over the next four weeks.

Another thing to consider is a do a lot of upper body lifting twisting and throwing during summer and fall months and believe much of my back issues are related to back muscles not being worked enough at my weight level during the winter months. If I were to work on improving my back muscle strength, doing the right type of exercise may be very helpful.

Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated.

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