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To eat or not to eat

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Posts: 13,489
2/15/13 9:49 A

That is great. I am glad that you enjoyed yourself.

For you and your husband, I recommend a book called 'The Love Dare' It is a Christian book, but I imagine that if you followed the instructions. It would work no matter your religious practice.

There is a movie called 'Fireproof' about the book. It is also a Christian movie.

SparkPoints: (208,229)
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Posts: 11,424
2/15/13 8:30 A

Good for you, you did just as you should have.

Posts: 27
2/15/13 8:17 A

Well I went and had a wonderful time. The food was amazing. They had very small portions, and I still left food on my plates. I don't usually drink alcohol and they had a wine pairing for each course. I was very happy by the end of the 5 courses. Thank you to everyone who responded. I am back on track this morning with egg whites and turkey bacon for breakfast.

Posts: 45
2/13/13 10:33 P

Lucky girl! Go and enjoy yourself.

Posts: 490
2/13/13 10:17 P

Enjoy yourself!

SparkPoints: (207,139)
Fitness Minutes: (187,840)
Posts: 6,540
2/13/13 9:52 P

Enjoy yourself!!!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon

Posts: 13,489
2/13/13 9:41 P

What a nice gesture from your husband.

The menu sounds french and probably has very small portions.

Do eat a healthy breakfast and lunch and then enjoy your dinner.

Posts: 10,983
2/13/13 9:37 P

Hmmmm? I think eating is required.

SparkPoints: (75,485)
Fitness Minutes: (55,080)
Posts: 3,353
2/13/13 9:26 P

Do not skip breakfast or lunch, that is too "1950's", lol. Go, enjoy and be pleased and content that your husband made reservations for you both!! Our dietitian says to just consider it a "splurge day", and move on. If you think you will eat perfectly every day for the rest of your life, you are wrong.........such is life in the real world, not the fantasy of tv and movies. Have a good time, and some fun later on, if you feel up to it.

Posts: 2,235
2/13/13 8:27 P

Go and enjoy! Take home the things you enjoy and go easy on the food that is decadent. A 5 course meal is a rare treat.

Posts: 634
2/13/13 6:25 P

Enjoy your meal, and bring home leftovers for another splendid meal for the next day. Either way, you can refocus on your nutrition the next day. Sometimes, it just isn't worth the stress.
Enjoy and Happy Valentine's Day.

SparkPoints: (88,637)
Fitness Minutes: (60,302)
Posts: 16,084
2/13/13 6:16 P

The last time I went out was at Christmas. I could not work out the food because of the portion size but I guessed it when I got home. I was way over until I found that once is ok but don't do it too often.

For the record it was 1500 calories over and I still lost 2lbs that week.

Good luck and enjoy your meal.

Posts: 12,316
2/13/13 6:05 P

I agree that you should relax and enjoy it, BUT I would recommend that you still make an attempt at tracking. You don't need to be exact, but look up similar restaurant dishes and get a ballpark figure. That will help you judge how careful you need to be next week to make up a little of the time that this meal might delay your weight loss.

And that's all it is-- a delay. You'll probably end up eating your maintenance calories for the day or a little bit above, so even if you do nothing, it means it'll take one or two more days to get to your goal weight. If you eat at the bottom of your suggested range for the next week, or walk an extra ten minutes each day, you'll catch up and this one meal won't make any difference. As Archimedes said, you don't have to be perfect every single day. You just have to use your extra calories for things that matter, like a thoughtful gesture from DH, and not on everyday junk that's not even that nice.

But personally, I find that tracking things like this, at least with a guesstimate, is very helpful in showing how it affects (or doesn't affect) progress over the long run.

Posts: 1,038
2/13/13 5:38 P

Just enjoy! You have to tend to your relationship along with your health. This one meal won't hurt much.

SparkPoints: (31,017)
Fitness Minutes: (66,642)
Posts: 243
2/13/13 5:15 P

Most of those foods actually sound fine, depending on how they're prepared. With a five-course meal I'm assuming the portions won't be gigantic. The oyster bisque may be loaded with cream and butter, but you don't have to eat it all, or the bread that comes with it. Foie gras usually comes in tiny portions anyway. The trout tartare and the beef with vegetables look reasonable to me. You can also say you want your dessert boxed up to enjoy another day, then you can share it with hubby the next day. If I were in your place, I think I'd try enjoy the meal in moderation and my husband's company and not stress out too much about it.

Posts: 784
2/13/13 5:03 P

try to eat healthy

SparkPoints: (61,086)
Fitness Minutes: (40,069)
Posts: 4,472
2/13/13 5:02 P

eat a healthy breakfast & lunch, enjoy your dinner and get back to tracking on Friday.

very nice gesture on your DH's part emoticon

Posts: 1,809
2/13/13 4:11 P

Go and appreciate it and let him know you appreciate him for thinking of you at a time where you two are not at your best. Enjoy everything you want that night for it comes only once a year. Friday is just another Friday.

SparkPoints: (123,714)
Fitness Minutes: (151,183)
Posts: 2,215
2/13/13 4:07 P

Personally, I think that 5-course dinner sounds gross. Definitely NOT foods I'd choose to eat. But I'm not a "gourmet" kind of gal. LOL!

You can indulge on long as you don't go completely overboard. Just keep EXERCISING DAILY & it's all good. :)

SparkPoints: (47,689)
Fitness Minutes: (34,099)
Posts: 163
2/13/13 4:05 P

I would try everything, eat some of what I really liked and let the rest go. One meal isn't going to do that much damage and this is one of those events that doesn't happen often, if your life is like mine! Relax, don't stress and appreciate the gesture. At least it isn't a box of chocolates sitting on your cabinet! emoticon

SparkPoints: (96,461)
Fitness Minutes: (74,564)
Posts: 3,184
2/13/13 3:57 P

I eat what I like and let the rest go! My food choices are 10 times better than they were this time last year. I was eating too many snacks and eating mindlessly which caused me to gain too much weight!

SparkPoints: (135,654)
Fitness Minutes: (204,285)
Posts: 20,172
2/13/13 3:42 P

Eat and enjoy !

No one says you have to eat right every single day to be healthy. It's okay to over indulge once in a while. As long as you don't eat like this all the time, you'll be fine.

Moderation, not deprivation. And if you do overeat, it's not the end of the world. You just eat more mindfully for the rest of the week. no worries.

Posts: 1,209
2/13/13 3:39 P

Just eat and have a nice night without stressing about tracking.

I wouldn't skip eating the rest of the day, but you could eat lightly for breakfast and lunch.

Posts: 8,023
2/13/13 3:36 P

Go, and get back on track on Friday.

Posts: 27
2/13/13 3:00 P

My husband made reservations for valentine's day at an expensive restaurant in town. They have a 5 course menu and no other menu for that night.

1. Oyster bisque, fennel, roasted bread
2. Steelhead trout tartar, trout roe, herbs from our farm
3. Seared foie gras, apples, heirloom wheat, toasted seeds
4. Beef prepared two ways, carrot, rose, mushrooms
5. Chocolate decadence

What to do? What to do? I have no idea how to track it. Should I skip lunch or breakfast? I plan on tasting everything, but not necessarily eating it all. We haven't been getting along very well, and it is a nice gesture so I can't tell him I would rather not go. What would you do?

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