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12/15/13 8:48 P

There is a product called Warm Skin which is specifically formulated as skin protection against the cold. Made in Minnesota where we know cold weather I have used it for years.

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12/15/13 2:59 P

If you're going to run outside in the cold temps, not only do you have to wear enough layers, you should also put some vaseline on your face too. As others noted, the bits of skin that aren't covered are susceptible to the cold. The wind chills have been brutal the last few days. So, before I go out, I've been putting vaseline on my face to protect my skin from the cold. it helps.

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12/14/13 11:32 P

Thanks everyone for your responses. I am able to withstand the cold and run in it. I have learned to dress properly and how to make sure I stay not only warm, but dry as well. My concern is regarding my lungs and me being prone to bronchitis and pneumonia. All I can do is try and see how it goes. Thanks again for your input!! :)

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12/13/13 7:22 P

Depends on your body. I'm a wheezing mess when I run in the cold. No way I run outside when it is below 20 F or so.

12/13/13 2:41 P

First comment. wind chill only reflects the effect on exposed skin and has no other relvance to anything. Here in Minneapolis people not only run in very cold temperatures they also cycle regularly as well as cross country ski and snowshoe. It is all about dressing appropriately and protecting any exposed skin, adapting to the temperature and conditions.

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12/13/13 11:25 A

As Zorbs mentioned, if you dress appropriately, you can run in the cold. Here are two articles that offer tips for that:

Coach Denise

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12/12/13 10:12 P

I know people who regularly run in -40C with no problems. I ran in -20C windchills this morning and was perfectly comfortable.. You just have to dress properly, unlike heat that can get you regardless of precautions.

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12/12/13 8:42 P

I was wondering what the temp is that should cause me to say no to running out doors? It has been in the teens here and even below zero today b/c of the windchill. I am prone to pneumonia and bronchitis, so I want to be careful and conscious to make sure I stay healthy! Thank you!!

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