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8/29/14 9:40 P

Great job moving from sedentary to slightly active!

I think that it is great to add more exercise--you are still doing very little.

You don't HAVE to let your calorie allowance go up with an increase in exercise--you need to see what works for you. Track carefully (food and exercise) and see what is actually a good balance for your body. I'm not sure how you are going to determine that, however, if you never use the scale.

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8/29/14 5:31 A

Spark's intake recommendations are based on sound nutritional science, and take YOUR circumstances into account, rather than just being as crude as "adding back exercise calories".

Yes, you should update your activity level to reflect what you ARE doing in reality. Spark may or may not change your intake recommendations (depending on a range of other factors), but at least you will know it is taking reliable information into account.


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8/28/14 5:22 P

It's important to make sure you're eating enough to sustain your activity level. Are you tracking all of your food? What is your recommended calorie range and how many calories do you typically consume? Is your calorie range based on a calories burned goal or does it change based on how much exercise you track?

Coach Jen

8/28/14 2:19 P

Hello all,
I'm using fitness minutes instead of weight to measure success (at least through the tracker). I am relatively new and consider myself sedentary (I am at my desk mostly). So the goal set for me is only about 10 minutes a day. When I saw that I was going to make the monthly goal within about a week I doubled to about 20 minutes- which is about 620 minutes a month.

I've actually been getting my cardio in twice a day (an hour total). While it feels great to know that I met my goal over a week ago- I'm wondering if I should change my activity level. I don't want to give myself more calories if I don't need them, but I find myself less motivated once I meet my monthly goal (which is happening about half way through the month).

Any thoughts?

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