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5/16/14 3:15 P

I have the set and have tried most of the workouts but haven't completed the program. The main reason is I personally don't like complete programs like this because I have other activities I enjoy and would end up doubling up on exercise to complete the program and do my own thing. I tend to follow just the strength training portion of programs so I am free to add in my own cardio and yoga. But my strength preference is full body workouts rather than splits like p90x original uses. I found the workouts challenging, but doable. They were not the hardest workouts I have, but far from the easiest either. They offer beginner and intermediate modifications. Really I think many intermediate exercisers could do the program following the most comfortable modifications, using appropriate weights and taking water breaks whenever you want (don't worry about missing a few reps at first, I prefer my workout DVDs to be a little too hard to start as I quickly improve). Saying that, if it doesn't interest you, then you don't need to do it. It is kind of a time consuming program--6 days a week for 60-90 minutes a day. I think it involves a little too much equipment (of my preference exercising in my living room) and could accomplish more in shorter workouts if organized differently. It is basically a mix of split strength training (3 day split), 2 cardio/bodyweight workouts, and a long power yoga workout with an optional stretch workout or rest day for the 7th day. (If I recall). I came to the conclusion I can do similar for myself with a mix of strength training 3 times a week (though I prefer full body usually circuits), cardio 2 times a week and yoga once or twice a week. I think it seems fairly well balanced with a mix of aerobic, strength and flexibility conditioning and some people really thrive with an organized program to follow. I think the newer versions like P90x3 and maybe p90x2 are shorter duration workouts--but I don't have these. I think P90 was intended more for newer exercisers who are not yet fit enough for p90x. But real, I guess I would say up to you. But if you are interested and just think it is too hard--I would encourage you to try it with modifications and resting if you need to. Some aspects of fitness improve quite fast. But if you prefer to do something else, do what you prefer. There isn't one program right for every person.

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5/16/14 1:31 P

The only person I know that has completed it had a cocaine habit at the time! Yeah, he got results but also destroyed his body. He gave it up, but now he is very sick, and has lost all his muscle tone!

5/16/14 12:52 P

My husband and I bought P90X YEARS ago and lasted probably a week. It's hard. Like kill me hard. I also think the reason I couldn't do it was because I wasn't motivated. Well , I definitely don't have a lack of motivation this time around. So, my question is... Has anyone else tried or completed P90X? What did you think? What were your results.

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