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1/4/12 1:12 P

Better you choose to take a day off now (and from what you've said, it sounds like a recovery day would do your body more good than another workout) than have your body leave you with no choice down the road. Believe me - it's extremely frustrating when you want to work out and you can't because you're injured or ill.

It's hard in the beginning, but consistency and quality really do beat pure quantity. You want to be exercising at this time next year, or five years from now, so it helps to find a schedule that's sustainable long term rather than burning through all your resources until there's nothing left in the tank.

Good luck, and enjoy your well earned rest day emoticon

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1/4/12 1:03 P

Great question. I struggle with going full force and then burning out later. Taking a day off could be good. At the same time I was sooo sore once and continued walking for the next two days that I realized your muscles need you to still move. So I would say do a light workout for the next two days and then pick it back up.


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1/4/12 11:47 A

It's a lesson that I struggle with (and am currently paying for not heeding), but your body *needs* rest days. Don't beat yourself up about doing what's right.

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1/4/12 7:03 A

I think your body is giving you signals that you're doing a little too much and might need a break. I always recommend at least 1-2 days of rest from exercise each week, especially if you're just starting out.

Coach Jen

1/4/12 4:34 A

I have done some sort of exercise everyday for the past 6 days. Granted, one of those days I think I only logged like 10 minutes, but I've done something everyday. While I think this is a good thing, I will tell you that I am TIRED today and sore - not horribly sore like I was on day two and three, but sore none the less. I did cardio yesterday (20 minutes on the elip with 5 minute cool down) and it was HARD!!! I honestly didn't think I was going to make it - I pushed thru and did it, but really didn't think it was going to happen when I was only like 7 minutes in.

This brings me to my question. Should I take a break today? Should I push thru and do my scheduled cardio and strength training? Should I just do the scheduled strength training?

I appreciate any positive feedback or answers. I'm new to this and don't want to injure myself, but also want to stay motivated.

Thank you!

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