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9/15/11 5:13 A

Thank you all for the suggestions!

Black beans and butternut squash sound good. Will try that out soon.


Interesting. I love Mexican food and never thought of adding those ingredients. Will definitely be trying your suggestion out soon!

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9/15/11 3:50 A

Boil it, mash it with some garlic powder, salt and cumin (or chilli powder) and use it in the place of refried beans. I've used this mixture on tostadas and its delicious. Would probably be awesome in tacos.

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9/14/11 10:25 P


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9/14/11 11:19 A

We always do our butternut squash like mashed potatoes as someone suggested but instead of the sweetners we do it savory with butter, salt, pepper, and a little garlic... my favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner actually!

I also like roasting it with a the same stuff. It also tastes great roasted and then tossed with some black beans and brown rice. And somewhere I have a recipe that I keep meaning to try of Quinoa with Roasted Veggies and I am pretty sure that B-Nut Squash was one of the veggies! Will have to look for that one!

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9/11/11 9:16 P

Baked with a little butter and once out of the oven sprinkle some shredded cheddar cheese.

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9/11/11 7:15 P

I like it baked straight up

9/11/11 4:36 P


That sounds almost like a dessert! Not tried that out. Will see how it goes. Thank you!


I adore lentils! In fact I made a wonderful cold lentil salad this week! Love curry too. Thanks for the rec, I'll check it out!

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9/11/11 3:44 P

I mash mine , like potatoes !!

Peel and seed a butternut squash. Cut into large cubes , boil until soft. Drain really well.
Place in a big bowl and using an electric hand mixer, add a bit of butter and brown sugar and a 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon !!

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9/11/11 9:11 A

Do you like curry spices? I was thinking a lentil-squash curry recipe, but then I found

9/11/11 5:08 A

Butternut squash especially!

Besides making soups what do you do with your butternut and other squashes? Every year I try something new but it's never palatable to me and I always go back to soup or a pasta sauce.



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