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It's never easy living with that kind of loss. You do the best you can. No one will criticise you for turning to food for comfort. But, this is the time you really need to have a care for your health. Nourish your body with the food you eat because the better you eat, the better you'll start feeling.

Try to take a walk. Get out of the house so that you don't have an urge to eat junk. The fresh air will do you some good.

Have you ever talked to anyone about your brother's death ? Did you have grief counseling ? If you've never talked to a professional about your brother's death or your depression, you might try counseling. A good therapist can help you recover.

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11/14/12 4:06 P

I'm sorry for your loss.
I too suffer from S.A.D. (seasonal affective disorder) and it gets really hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle while I'm trying to stave off the depression. The exercise definitely helps with the feel good chemicals, and at this point, I'm only 'on track' because I'm seeing some progress after giving myself a break for about a year.

I try to stay motivated by reminding myself that if I remain consistent, I'll thank myself in the spring, and regarding the foods-especially because it's the holiday season, I remind myself that they are holiDAYs not holiMONTHS. Lol.

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What about an exercise bike or an eliptical that you can rearrange your living room so that it sets right in front of the television. That way, you can veg without really vegging. You'll be moving, getting your cardio, and whatnot.
I am terribly sorry for the loss of your brother, but something I have had to do is-think of how my dad would want me to carry on. He just died last February the day before Valentine's Day, so it WAS difficult, but he enjoyed the holidays, and I know he'd want me to try to focus more on spending the holidays with my kids, and with my mom, than he would on me missing him.
Your brother would probably want the same for you. Use the holidays to celebrate his life, to think about some of the best ones you had together, some of the funny stuff he did-and CHOOSE to enjoy them instead of allowing depression to overshadow you.

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After the loss of my 18 year old brother a few years ago the holidays haven't been so great. Add the cold weather and darkness so early and my depression sky rockets. Naturally I turn to food and don't want to go outside to exercise which is what I enjoy the most. I know what I NEED to do but am having a really tough time getting motivated to stick to working out at least 4 times a week. I'm just having a really tough time. emoticon

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