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JIBBIE49 Posts: 68,088
9/20/12 9:51 P

Try to get move sleep if you can.

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9/19/12 5:40 P

Good luck! :)

MJ1976 Posts: 91
9/19/12 3:38 P

Tired....worked last night and so far have gotten 4-5 hours of sleep, work again tonight but I guess that's how it goes. Downloaded new playlist music so have something fresh to walk to today. I am still on track and excited about life in general, feel tired but energetic and in okay mood. Plan on walking 3 to 4 miles today though working tonight, I just feel better and am less stressed out by the time I get to work (I am a charge nurse on a busy cardiac floor-STRESSful at times!). Last night went by okay, no overeating and tried to stay busy.

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