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2/21/13 8:40 A

What's your sleep pattern like at night, and what is your average daily intake? When I'm tired, it's because I'm not getting either enough sleep, or enough food to fuel my workout.

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2/21/13 1:47 A

When my husband was training for a significant race, he started coming home from every training very tired, and napping on the couch. He struggled to stay awake. He upped his total calorie intake, and the problem went away entirely.

Are you sure you're eating enough to support your level of activity?

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2/21/13 1:39 A

how long have you been exercising at this level? if you haven't worked up to it, you will be tired until your body gets used to your effort. give it time.

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2/20/13 4:01 P

Do you track your iron intake? Do you get enough sleep at night? Exercise always makes me tired, but if you feel excessively sleepy afterward, you might want to get your iron levels checked.

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2/20/13 3:02 P

Anyone else have this issue? I eat about 30-45 minutes before, try to get in protein, but it never fails. I am always so sleepy about an hour after I'm done. I also eat a healthy snack after I'm done. Today I went on a 2 mile walk. 1 mile to the store, then walked back with about 15 pounds of groceries. And all I want right now is a nap. Is this normal?

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