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9/13/13 11:46 A

Eat smart and Clean

9/13/13 1:29 A

The biggest challenge for me during vacation or traveling is irregular meals. Because of whatever activity we are doing for the day, there might be six to eight hours between two meals. We might eat very early or very late, depending on how it can be fit in. I would take some compact, crushable snacks in your purse, wherever you go. Cliff Bars travel well, as do nuts and boxes of raisins. Get a large-ish purse with a middle compartment, and use that for your food stash. That way you will never feel insecure about when your next meal will be, and you will never get too hungry.
Definitely enjoy the pizza! That's part of the fun of the trip. Eat til you're 70-80% full and then stop. If you do that, you should be fine, I would think.
Hope this helps. I am not one to give advice, usually.

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9/12/13 4:59 P

If I know I will be indulging while on vacation, I go easy on breakfast and lunch and save the bulk of my calories for dinner and drinks. I also limit the alcohol to one or two drinks a day, tops. For breakfast, I generally have something very light (fruit and maybe some protein, such as nuts or peanut butter on an apple). For lunch, I stick to mostly veggies and maybe more fruit, or maybe a protein bar if I'm going to be out and about.

I find at least half an hour a day to exercise (usually right after I get up). It helps put me in the right mindset. If you are staying in a hotel, get up early and hit the treadmill or other equipment in the gym. If you are with friends, get up early before everyone else and take a half-hour walk in the neighborhood. You can even do toning or light calisthenics in your room. When I'm in a hotel I, I often do toning exercises or something after the cardio (if I have time).

Also, just watch the portions. Restaurants serve ginormous portions most of the time. Pack up half of your meal right away, or if you can, maybe split an entree with someone.

I followed this strategy in Puerto Rico for eight days and I came back a pound lighter. And I didn't feel deprived. Moderation in all things. :)

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9/12/13 12:50 P

Enjoy yourself! Savor your pizza slowly and you might find you eat less naturally!

9/12/13 12:02 P

And that means ...?

9/12/13 12:02 P

Enjoy the things you are looking forward to, just don't overdo it. It sounds like you'll be quite active while you're there so you should be fine.

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9/12/13 11:57 A

Focus on "why"

9/12/13 11:52 A

I'll be in Chicago this weekend and I've been doing really well. I would love to come back lighter than I left. I know I'll be doing a lot of walking and an 8 mile bike ride one day, but I do plan to enjoy some pizza. Any tips for staying on track while on vacation are appreciated!!

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